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// About The Austin Grand Prix ("AGP")

Recognized by stakeholders in the motorsports industry and Austin business community as the source for reputable information about Formula 1(TM) and Austin, The Austin Grand Prix has reach and brand awareness needed to help extend Austin businesses' reach in both the motorsports business community and consumer markets. The Austin Grand Prix utilizes their Award Winning social media skills to connect with tens of thousands of local and international readers and followers. They produce in-person events in Austin to educate and socialize with Austinites over motorsports. Their website, www.TheAustinGrandPrix.com, is the #1 independent media platform for motorsports and Austin. 


// Founders

Kevin Olsen - Co-Founder

Kevin was born in St. Louis and raised in Texas. He's spent his adult years in Austin, Texas and has been passionate about Formula One racing since he watched his first race in 2000. Kevin's first passion is architecture and design, but in 2001 he witnessed Juan Pablo Montoya of Williams BMW overtaking Michael Schumacher in Brazil. It was Montoya's first season of racing and a fantastic display of rivalry. You see, Montoya was the underdog. In Kevin's words, Montoya "went balls to the wall against the world champion (Schumacher). Montoya was known for not being afraid of Michael and for having the balls to challenge him." Kevin liked that courage and daring attitude in Montoya.

Kevin is currently working towards his Master's Degree in Architecture at The University of Texas at Austin. He has a strong technical background that started off in cars and audio/video and continues to evolve.

Twitter: @TheKevinOlsen 



Kerri Olsen - Co-Founder

Kerri has a passion for connecting people and ideas. When Formula One announced its return to the U.S., and its plans to build a circuit in Austin, she saw an opportunity to combine her brother Kevin's love of racing with her passion for networking and building communities. Kerri has leveraged her business savvy and project management experience to make The Austin Grand Prix the number one online destination for connecting F1 fans and the Austin community. As a result of her dedication, Kerri was awarded the 2012 Texas Social Media Award for The Austin Grand Prix.

Under Kerri's direction, The Austin Grand Prix has formed a unique community partnership with Meals on Wheels and More, fundraising over $3,000 in a short two year period. She studied English and Business for undergrad and focused on legal graduate work at Texas State University-San Marcos. Outside of racing, Kerri enjoys Austin's renowned live music scene, spending time on Lake Austin, planning the next travel adventure and a really great chai tea latte.

Twitter: @KerriOlsen

// Contributors

Iain Robertson - Contributing Editor

It is often proposed that an interest in motorsport is inherited. That being the case, Iain Robertson’s fascination in the scene was developed by his father, a former diplomat in the British Foreign Office. Officiating at the Bordeaux Grand Prix and presenting the victor’s trophy to Stirling Moss, his son, Iain, was still a babe-in-arms. However, Iain was affected by his father’s rallying exploits in Europe and the UK, starting with a Hotchkiss, moving into a Sunbeam and then an early BMC Mini. Iain’s first foray into motorsport was in karting, aged 10, but he soon migrated into the autotesting scene some five years later. Rallying beckoned, as did a couple of seasons of circuit racing. Iain’s writing grew in relevance, having commenced from a perceived need to increase motorsport coverage in his native Scotland. Reporting on races, rallies, ovals and even car preparation put him into contact with innumerable key players, as a result, his driver profiles led to increased opportunities. Venturing into television, Iain encouraged the BBC to provide greater motorsport coverage and researching led into co-production and voice-over work by the early-1980s. Earning a growing repute, he became the anchorman on a motoring magazine programme (‘Turbo’), with international motorsports at its core. The rest of his writing career has involved editorship of ‘Competition Car’ magazine and on-going contributorship to publications ranging from in-flight airline titles to lifestyle and business magazines. Iain’s primary aim has been to broaden the effects of motorsport and introduce it to a wider market.

Twitter: @IPWR 


Jon Etkins - Contributing Editor

Jon is our resident "track junkie."  He has competed in pretty much every form of amateur motorsport both here and in Australia, where he lived for almost thirty years.  Autocross, rallycross, motorkhana, stage rallies, time trials, hillclimbs, circuit racing - you name it, he's tried it.

These days he limits his motorsport mainly to rallycross (winning the 2WD class in the inaugural Texas Rally Sport Series in 2012) and to High Performance Driver Education events at multiple tracks around Texas.  In that role, he has lapped Circuit of The Americas many times in a variety of cars from his Miata to Ferraris, but he reckons nothing comes close to the hot lap in a V8 Supercar that he experienced as part of the buildup to the inaugural Austin 400.

Like any good Aussie car nut, he grew up following the Australian Touring Car Championship - the precursor to today's V8 Supercar Championship - and continues to be a big fan of that series, so he's particularly pumped to see them making the trek across the Pacific to race at COTA.

Twitter: @jonetkins 

Mike McKinnon - Contributing Editor

Mike has spent the majority of his life in Texas, but started off in Arkansas and spent a few years in the UK while completing his MA in communications at The University of Leeds. His professional career has focused on communications and information, and although he has always been into racing, he didn't get F1 until living in England. Then, his Sunday morning ritual became established, and it was as though he'd been a fan all his life. Mike has always loved cars and racing of any sort: speed, power, noise. The sport's history is one of the most fascinating aspects of modern Western culture for Mike: the way it ties post-war reconstruction, individual personalities, nationalism, industry and science together on a global competitive stage.

Mike sums it up: "You don't have to be a complete Anorak, as the Brits say, to enjoy this sport. I think you just have to appreciate competition, speed and the quest for perfection. Who can't relate to those interests?"



Andrew Swinghamer - Contributing Editor

Andrew is originally from North Carolina but moved to Dallas, where he met Kevin, when he was 8.  Or as many naturalized Texans like to say, “I wasn’t born here, but I got here as fast as I could.”  He became an open-wheel racing fan when he attended the 1999 Indianapolis 500 and sat in front of the pit box of Arie Luyendyk, the driver favored to win that year.  Having been an Indy Car fan since then, the global reach and technical intricacies of F1 are what later lured him to the sport.  Andrew studied Electrical Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin (Hook ‘em Horns) and is a DIEHARD Longhorn Football fan –killing the stereotype that all engineers are nerds.

In September of 2010 Andrew (reluctantly) moved from Texas to Denver for his current job.  When he’s not enjoying a motor race, watching whatever Texas sports that are on TV, or trying his damnedest to get back to Austin for good, Andrew’s broad taste in music and need to be outdoors keeps him going to concerts and music festivals.

Twitter: @Swinghamer 

Benedict Wong - Contributing Editor

Benedict grew up in Hong Kong and went to school in Canada. Under the watchful eyes of her Asian parents, Benedict learned to play piano and solve complicated math problems but was clueless when it came to sports. Benedict cannot catch a ball if her life depended on it (though she will give her 100% trying). "Sports are silly and boring!", she had once confided to a friend. On one unassuming day in 2008, Benedict sat down to watch the F1 Monaco Grand Prix after much coaxing from her husband. The fierce competitiveness of the race, the speed, the drivers, the race cars, the race drama as well as track brewed the perfect alchemy that captivated Benedict and forever changed her view on sports, at least for motor sports.
Benedict studied Electrical Engineering in her Undergrad and decided to change her profession to Marketing when she realized that's her true calling instead. Benedict currently calls Chicago home, and helps brands navigate the exciting landscape of social media when she's not watching F1 races. Last but most importantly, Benedict is a tea person.


Twitter: @BenedictWong 


// AGP Street Team

AGP is thrilled to announce the expansion of our site with the AGP Street Team! Local Austinites have joined us in order to share their experiences with the world and reveal all the best of what Austin has to offer. Check them out and be sure to follow them on their social media channels!

Jenny Tavarez

Jenny is a 22 year old from Fort Stockton, Texas. The good ol' west! She has a Bachelor's Degree in Administrative Systems and Business Technology and is currently studying Fashion Design at The University of Texas at Austin - a rapidly growing business sector. She is a traveler at heart and finds Austin to be one of the best cities with much diverse cuisine to enjoy. Overall, Jenny loves that Austin is such an active and outdoorsy community that's also welcoming and full of opportunity.

Twitter: @JenBriTav







// Nicholle Jaramillo

Nicholle is a social media geek, video production fiend, and new girl in town. Originally from California, she recently made the move to Texas with the hope of breaking into ATX's media and tech scene. Nicholle has a Bachelor's Degree in Broadcast Journalism and currently works as a Social Business Coach for Socialware. She also assists Core Media Enterprises with video production and their social media accounts. In her spare time, you can find her wandering the streets of Austin with camera in hand, catching the local music scene, and cooking up a storm in the kitchen.  

Twitter: @NicholleJ

// Mike Boone

Mike Boone is an active participant in the Austin motorsports scene.   His understanding of race dynamics has fueled his appreciation of the talent required to drive in Formula One series. Mike’s other passion spans over the past 19 years in Real Estate Management, lived out locally at Capstone Real Estate for the past 7 years. Even after living in Austin for 9 years, he still believe living here is like being on vacation all of the time.  From the amazing restaurants to the numerous fitness related opportunities, he will be a fan of Austin for a long time to come.

Twitter: @zboone05

// Dale Daugherty

Well hello there! My name is Dale Daugherty, and I call Austin my hometown; mostly because I was born and raised here, but also because I love it too much to leave. I could not be more thrilled to have Formula One in Austin. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do, and I look forward to sharing my USGP experience with you!

Twitter: @DaleLDaugherty 



// Kenneth Eke

My name is Kenneth from Houston, Texas. I am majoring in Computer Science and looking to add a second major in Radio, Television and Film at the University of Texas. I am interested Music, Sports and Film and hoping to combine each aspect in relation to my major. I have enjoyed Austin so far but I still have much to explore and there is no substitute for Good Live Music. 

Twitter: @Ken_in_3D