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Checking In with Jamey Price at the Singapore Grand Prix

Ferrari detail - by Jamey Price

Jamey Price (USA) is shooting the 2013 FORMULA 1 SINGTEL SINGAPORE GRAND PRIX at Marina Bay Street Circuit this weekend. It's the thirteenth round of the 2013 Formula 1 World Championship and the only night race on the current calendar. Since we've enjoyed Jamey's insight and perspective into shooting motorsports we wanted to catch up with him in anticipation of Sunday's Singapore Grand Prix.

AGP: What are you most looking forward to in Singapore? 

JP: I think the total change of culture. I love traveling and I love Asia. So having a street race in what I hear is one of the coolest cities on earth should be unforgettable. 

AGP: What are some variables you anticipate, both at Marina Bay and in Singapore in general? 

JP: Obviously shooting at night will present unique challenges. But nothing I have not done before in ALMS, Indycar and NASCAR. And I've heard that the track is very well lit. I think as usual with street circuits, the access and ease of getting around are the biggest issues. 

But then there is the time change. My body is on Eastern Daylight time. But media and teams travel to Singapore and find it easier to stay on GMT time. Soooo I'll have a struggle on my hands to find a good balance. 

AGP: How will your preparations differ from preparing for the other Grands Prix? 

JP: I've prepared for this one like any other. I know the track well enough and I know the series very well. So it will be a matter of actually learning the track in person that will present the biggest issues. 

AGP: Do you utilize any other resources to plan your first shoot at the circuit? e. g. Circuit map, driver simulators' videos, online footage, etc.

JP: Of course! A lot of us use a lot of different tools. Call it silly but I use the Codemasters F1 games as the best way to learn a track. Singapore is a long and complicated circuit. So knowing generally where I am on track and what is close to me is important. Other than that, I look at previous years images from other respected photographers to get a sense of what can be accomplished. But improving, or putting your own spin on the images is important. 

Tune into Jamey on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to keep up with his great work. He'll also be back in Austin this November for the 2013 FORMULA 1 UNITED STATES GRAND PRIX.


Whincup Wins First Two Races at Austin 400


Jamie Whincup of Red Bull Racing Australia leads the pack out of Turn 1 at the Austin 400Four-time V8 Supercars Champion Jamie Whincup continues his lead in the Drivers Championship by clenching the first two wins at the Austin 400 race at Circuit of The Americas on Saturday.

Racing for Red Bull Racing Australia in a Holden Commodore VF, Whincup's unofficial Race 13 time was 44:20.8482 for the 27 laps, with a fastest lap time of 1:34.4744. Red Bull rounded out the top two finishes with Whincup's teammate Craig Lowndes finishing the race in 44:21.7512 with a fastest lap time of 1:34.6090.

Fabian Coulthard, who started Race 13 on pole position after qualifying, finished third on the podium but was closely trailed by Jonathon Webb, Shane van Gisbergen, Mark Winterbottom, Scott McLaughlin, Rick Kelly, Will Davison and James Moffat rounding out the top ten.

Starting on pole position for Race 14, Whincup went on to win the second race of the day as we saw a repeat podium with Red Bull Racing Australia's Lowndes in second and Coulthard in third. Finishing the top ten winners were van Gisbergen, Webb, Kelly, Davison, Premat, McLaughlin and Moffat.

// Click HERE to see all images from the Austin 400!

But the action doesn't end there: on Sunday COTA will host the next two races of the Championship, Race 15 and Race 16. Tomorrow's schedule is:

7:30AM - Gates Open
8:15-9:15AM - Pirelli TC/TCB Race 3
9:30-10:00AM - Porsche GT3 Cup Race 2
9:30-10:00AM - V8 Supercars Autograph Session (Paddock)
11:05-11:20AM - V8 Supercars Qualifying (Race 15)
11:30-11:45AM - V8 Supercars Qualifying (Race 16)

12:00-12:30PM - Pit Lane Walk (Access from Paddock)
1:05-2:05PM - Pirelli GT/GTS Race 2
2:15-2:45PM - Porsche GT3 Cup Race 2
3:15-4:00PM - V8 Supercars Race (Race 15)
5:00-5:45PM - V8 Supercars Race (Race 16)

5:50-6:20PM - Fan Track Invasion (Access from Main Grandstand East and West sides)
7:00PM - Gates Close 


V8 Supercars Warmed Up and Ready to Race in Texas

SP Tools Racing's Maro Engel pilots his #9 Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG V8 Supercar in Austin on Saturday.

// Friday's Practice Sessions

The 28 Australian V8 Supercars drivers have warmed up (literally) and are ready to race in the Austin 400 at Circuit of The Americas in Austin, Texas this weekend. With increasingly warming temps, fans sought out shade and cold drinks as they welcomed the Australian Sportscar series to American soil for the first time.

The fastest lap time on Friday was set by Red Bull Racing Australia's Craig Lowndes #888 in his Holden Commodore with a lap time of 1:32.9042 in Practice 4. Lowndes was the fastest of the day and the first driver to get his lap time down to the "32s" on the shorter "National" track setup for the Austin 400. After Friday's practice session, Lowndes shared:

We spent three sessions redesigning the car a little, going up and down in spring rates but we ended up with a pretty happy balance. In session four we were debating whether to run a second set of tires but we tried it and the car was really hooked up. I made a couple of little mistakes but we're still learning the track. The car was sensational on that second set. The way the tire hooks up here to the track is very different to what we've had in the past.

Setting the fastest paces in Practices 1-4 on Friday were:

Practice 1: Fabian Coulthard #14, in a Holden Commodore for Lockwood Racing: 1:34.3942

Practice 2: Scott McLaughlin #33, in a Holden Commodore for Fujitsu Racing GRM: 1:34.2269

Practice 3: Shane Van Gisbergen #94, in a Holden Commodore for Tekno Autosports: 1:34.5358

Practice 4: Craig Lowndes #888, in a Holden Commodore for Red Bull Racing Australia: 1:32.9042

// Click HERE to see a gallery of images from Friday's practice sessions


// Saturday's Qualifying Results

After a morning of Porsche GT3 Cup Practice and Qualifying and Pirelli TC/TCB Races, the V8 Supercars returned to the track on Saturday for two 15 minute qualifying sessions, Qualifying Q4 and Qualifying Q5. These sessions determine the drivers' respective starting positions for Race 13 and Race 14 of the V8 Supercars series.

Fabian Coulthard qualified to start on pole for Race 13 and had this to share:

To start the first race here at the Austin 400 on pole is a pretty awesome feeling. There’s not much pace left to find. It’s all about how many sets of tyres you use to set your time. We went out on old tyres for the start of the second session, just didn’t even worry about it and used one set of tyres. So we have a pretty good tyre allocation left so a bit of strategy there as well. It is obviously going to be about a race of whose tyres last the longest and you are going to have to have a good pit stop too. So it’s anybody’s race.

Qualifying Q4 results, which determine the drivers' starting positions for Race 13, scheduled to start at 3:15PM CDT on Saturday:

  1. Fabian Coulthard - 1:32.5934
  2. Jamie Whincup - 1:32.7371
  3. Craig Lowndes - 1:32.8524
  4. David Wall - 1:33.0229
  5. Will Davison - 1:33.1045
  6. Jonathon Webb - 1:33.2232
  7. Mark Winterbottom - 1:33.2757
  8. Garth Tander - 1:33.3920
  9. Shane Van Gisbergen - 1:33.4124 - EXCLUDED Penalty Applied
  10. Rick Kelly - 1:33.4769
  11. Alexandre Premat - 1:33.5534
  12. Russell Ingall - 1:33.6122
  13. Tony D'Alberto - 1:33.6742
  14. James C0urtney - 1:33.6799
  15. Scott McLaughlin - 1:33.7006
  16. James Moffat - 1:33.7009
  17. Todd Kelly - 1:33.7171
  18. Alex Davison - 1:33.8066
  19. David Reynolds - 1:33.8392
  20. Chaz Mostert - 1:33.9123
  21. Jason Bright - 1:34.1838
  22. Maro Engel - 1:34.2590
  23. Dean Diore - 1:34.2973
  24. Scott Pye - 1:34.3187
  25. Michael Caruso - 1:34.3837
  26. Tim Slade - 1:34.5404
  27. Lee Holdsworth - 1:34.9838
  28. Tim Blanchard - 1:35.2216

Van Gisbergen was later excluded from Qualifying Q4 results because his team worked on his car outside of the allowable timeframe. Qualifying Q5 results, which determine the drivers' starting positions for Race 14, scheduled to start at 5:00PM CDT on Saturday:

  1. Jamie Whincup - 1:32.0311
  2. Craig Lowndes - 1:32.2909
  3. Fabian Coulthard - 1:32.3257
  4. Shane van Gisbergen - 1:32.6266
  5. Jonathon Webb - 1:32.7499
  6. Rick Kelly - 1:32.9020
  7. Will Davison - 1:32.9060
  8. Alexandre Premat - 1:32.9244
  9. Scott McLaughlin - 1:33.0050
  10. James Moffat - 1:33.0305
  11. David Wall - 1:33.0403
  12. Mark Winterbottom - 1:33.0937
  13. Tony D'Alberto - 1:33.3394
  14. Michael Caruso - 1:33.3425
  15. David Reynolds - 1:33.3427
  16. Todd Kelly - 1:33.3947
  17. Chaz Mostert - 1:33.3956
  18. Jason Bright - 1:33.4067
  19. James Courtnery - 1:33.4558
  20. Scott Pye - 1:33.5435
  21. Garth Tander - 1:33.5554
  22. Russell Ingall - 1:33.8197
  23. Alex Davison - 1:33.8232
  24. Lee Holdsworth - 1:33.9573
  25. Maro Engel - 1:34.3014
  26. Tim Blanchard - 1:34.3039
  27. Dean Fiore - 1:34.4308

Just a reminder that a total of four V8 Supercars races will be run at the Austin 400 race at COTA this weekend: Races 13 and 14 on Saturday and Races 15 and 16 on Sunday. The Austin 400 will also be broadcast on SPEED TV on Sunday, May 19 at 8AM and 3PM CDT, on Thursday, May 23 at 7:30PM CDT, and on Friday, May 24 at 11AM and 9PM CDT.

// Click HERE to see a collection of images from Saturday's Qualifying Sessions