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Tavo Hellmund is the rights holder of the contract for the Formula One United States Grand Prix from 2012-2021 scheduled for Austin, Texas.

Circuit of The Americas is the entity that is investing in and building the circuit and related facilities in Austin, Texas.

Numerous sources report that there may be disagreements between the parties.

Construction at the circuit is now on hold until an agreement is reached.

Plain and simple.

“While construction at Circuit of The Americas has progressed as scheduled with over 300 workers at the construction site daily, all work will suspend immediately,” the statement said. “The delivery of the Formula One Grand Prix race contract will allow construction operations to resume.”

Red Bull Recap


Hopefully by now you've heard about the Red Bull Racing Show Car's appearances in Austin this past weekend. If not, let us show you:

 Or, take a look at our gallery, HERE.

Due to the on again/off again reports, we decided to take a walk down to the "filming set" early Saturday morning. Actually, we heard the car when we woke up in the AM. We would have loved for the event to be a full-on show car exhibition, but understand this filming was for a promo shoot, similar to this:

 About 200 people showed up for the closed set filming and I think it's safe to say that NO ONE was disappointed.

We were lucky enough to score a post-run interview with THE David Coulthard himself. We'll post it next week; right now we're working to make the return of the SENNA Movie to Austin a smashing success!