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AGP Street Team: Austin Fan Fest Night 2

Grammy-Award winning musician Enrique Iglesias performs at the COTA Club in Austin on November 17, 2012. Photo by AGP Street Team Member Jenny Tavarez.

Following a great first night with Flo Rida at Austin Fan Fest, the AGP Street Team continued their coverage of F1 Weekend activities with Enrique Iglesias and Nelly at the COTA Club on Saturday, Nov 17th.

Enjoy this video as Nicholle and the AGP Street Team explore the COTA Club and talk with fans following the energizing performances of the two Grammy Award-Winning musicians on the eve of the 2012 USGP.

Video credit: Nicholle Jaramillo (Editor, Producer and Interviewer), Kenneth Eke (Production Assistant) and Jenny Tavarez (Content Contributor).

Behind the Scenes with Flo Rida at Austin Fan Fest

Flo Rida performs at the COTA Club in Austin on November 16, 2012. Photo by AGP Street Team Member Jenny Tavarez

One of the biggest names in rap and hip hop performed at Austin Fan Fest's COTA Club. But what did he think about Formula 1 in Austin? Find out in this exclusive behind the scenes interview by AGP Street Team members Nicholle, Jenny and Kenneth.

AGP Street Team Interview with Austin Fan Fest Artist Flo Rida from The Austin Grand Prix on Vimeo.

Video credit: Nicholle Jaramillo (Editor, Producer and Interviewer), Kenneth Eke (Production Assistant) and Jenny Tavarez (Content Contributor).

AGP Street Team: Austin Fan Fest Night 1

Video credit: Nicholle Jaramillo (Editor, Producer and Interviewer), Mike Boone (Production Assistant).

Enjoy this first video by our AGP Street Team as they visit with local residents, visitors and performers at the first evening of Austin Fan Fest on November 16, 2012.

Stay tuned as the AGP Street Team brings you more interviews and footage, including an exclusive interview with Austin Fan Fest Hip-Hop and Rap Artist Flo Rida!

// Hats off to the AGP Street Team for their great work in capturing the Grand Prix vibe in Austin! Thank you Nicholle Jaramillo, Jenny Tavarez, Kenneth Eke and Mike Boone for covering COTA Club!

The crowd enjoys performances at Austin Fan Fest concerts. Photo by AGP Street Team Member Jenny Tavarez.

Ghostland Observatory and The Wailers to Headline COTA Closing Party

The Austin-based band Ghostland Observatory performs. Image copyright 2010 Daniel Perlaky, City On Fire LLC. All Rights Reserved.The following is a feature article by Austin resident and long time Formula 1 fan, Dale Daugherty. You may recall Dale wrote a great piece on "Making the most out of your USGP vacation" back in August. Dale is also a part of the AGP Street Team and is checking out the numerous entertainment options scattered throughout downtown Austin. Thank you Dale for giving our readers an Austinite's inside scoop!

// Live Music Capitol of the World

Tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of Formula One fans have descended upon Austin for the inaugural United States Grand Prix. Many more have come to Austin for the atmosphere alone, having no intention of actually going to the race.

Ready, Set, and Go! Austin Prepares for F1 and Austin Fan Fest Festivities

Austin is no stranger to live music. This is the crowd at the Honda Stage at Austin City Limits Music Festival in 2010. Image by Dave Mead.

// AGP is excited to expand our Austin F1 weekend coverage with the anouncement of our "AGP Street Team." The team consists of six Austinites who will explore the many fan activities in downtown Austin at Austin Fan Fest, a giant street festival organized by Circuit of The Americas and sponsored by Mobil 1. In this primer, Nicholle Jaramillo and Mike Boone get you up to speed on the event and help you plan for one giant party. You can read more about the AGP Street Team members here.

The rubber meets the road this weekend in Austin, Texas as 100,000 visitors are projected to attend the city’s inaugural Formula One race. Each year fans travel to Grand Prix events in major cities across the globe. For the first time in history, Austin will be in direct competition with those famous races held in Monaco, Abu Dhabi, and 17 other international destinations. 

Flying Into Austin

The following is from AGP Guest Contributor Mike Boone. Be sure to follow Mike on Twitter this weekend as he reports from Circuit of The Americas and the Austin Fan Fest.

I am an Austinite, but I returned home via plane on Thursday before the grandest event Austin has ever seen. The Formula 1 race starts today but yesterday I was on a plane with about 100 New Yorkers and from what I could tell most of them were coming to Austin for the same reason: this weekend's Inaugural Formula 1 United States Grand Prix. One might think the busy, non-southern culture that is assumed to consume the Northeast would translate to the people from there as they travel. Not so.  Everyone I have spoke to was thrilled about the race and they didn't appear to make any effort to contain their enthusiasm.