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Fancy Another Red Bull?

Remember all the Red Bull Racing excitement that happened in Austin, Texas last month? Well here is the final product released from Red Bull earlier today.


In case you need a refresher of the roller coaster journey to get to that final product, let me recap:

David Coulthard To Drive F1 Car in Austin

Before Saturday's qualifying session, the BBC's F1 crew was catching viewers up on the progress at the Circuit Of The Americas and did a plug for an event DC is doing in America.

Here's the transcript:

Jake Humphrey - "But you're off to Texas soon to drive an F1 car, right?"

David Coulthard - "Indeed, I'm heading out there during the summer break whilst everyone's taking two and a half weeks away from Formula 1. I'll be doing a little demonstration with a Formula 1 car in L.A. and then heading down to Texas to do downtown Austin, to try and get a flavor of Formula 1 and show the people..."

JH - "Nice, so make a bit of noise?"

DC - "and make some noise"

 JH - "...and make some smoke, brilliant, we'll show you that on the BBC as well..."

Well David, we are ecstatic and can't wait for you to COME AND RACE IT™!

We're expecting the official news for this event to be released very shortly and hope that you all can join us on the streets of downtown Austin at this exciting event. Given Red Bull's experience in the Austin community at holding large events (i.e. Red Bull Flutag) and several others, we also anticipate this will be a RB event, which should make it an instant success.

Here's a little taste of the Red Bull Showcar with DC driving: