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Season Swan-Song: Brazilian GP Preview

Reaching the end of something, especially when it has been something of particular note, can often be a sad affair. While it will have great importance to some people, due to location, timing, levels of expectation, or quality of delivery, a degree of finality will still exist and it will engender a period of reflection, during which most of the best aspects will be recalled in glorious Technicolor, invariably with an aim of erecting spiritually, if not physically, a memorial to all that was great.

New FIA Series Driven by Electric Power

The electric KERS system for Formula 1 may prove to ignite a new wave of motorsports (Photo by Mark Thompson/Getty Images)

In late August the FIA announced a new championship series to be powered by 100% electric energy.  Called Formula E, it aims to demonstrate the need for alternatively-powered cars, an idea that has become the motor industry’s collective vision for automobiles of the future.  The series promoter, Formula E Holdings (FEH), is a conglomerate of entrepreneurs, former racing bosses, and other auto industry professionals.