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Race Preview: Spanish Grand Prix

Spanish flag and GP artwork by PJ Tierney. Click on the photo to read more about his work!Catalunya, Spain, Alonso, Victory. Words that belong together. Or rather, words that the Ferrari team must be whispering loudly as they prepare for this weekend's race at Circuit de Catalunya.

After waiting for three weeks, I am so ready for a race weekend. With Red Bull finally getting back to the top podium spot and the herculean comeback effort from The Iceman in the Bahrain race, the musical chair of "Who will win this race?" continues amongst the top contenders. Will this be the race that Webber nudges past the consistent 4th place? Will McLaren team gets the pit stops right this race around (they better!)? Will the new nose on the McLaren cars bring new competitiveness for Hamilton and Button? Will tyres strategy come into play as early as qualifying? Will Lotus team continue to hustle for top spots? Will the Spaniard be victorious? Will we see Rosberg's almost-shampoo-commercial-worthy resilient Post-Race hair? These are the questions I want answers to, in the next few days. The Spanish Grand Prix weekend cannot come soon enough!