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A Drive Through The Ardennes: Belgium GP

McLaren runs through the Ardennes at the Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps, Hoch Zwei

While not wishing to dwell too heavily on the phenomenally funny scripts of the Monty Python set, in which it was asked, “Just what did the Romans do for us?”, without the Italian invaders discovering a health-giving, iron-rich water source that became known as Spa, some elements of this part of the heavily forested and hilly part of Belgium might not have retained the relevance that they have today. Spa gained notoriety as a ‘good time’ gambling town, before, in 1902, a car racing circuit was developed.

Race Preview: Belgium Grand Prix

Nico Rosberg enters Eau Rouge at Spa-Francorchamps during the 2011 Belgium GP

Cornering to the right. Cornering to the left. Driving by the chicane. Accelerating on the straights. Aiming for the apex. Staying behind the slipstream of the car in front. Looking for an opportunity. Press the KERS button. Overtaking the car next to me. Victory is MINE!! Yes, this is what I think about when I drove to work the last few days. As you can imagine, after the long summer hiatus without races, Iam in a full on hungry-for-F1-races mode. The wait is driving me up the Pit wall (figuratively speaking, of course). I wish I have a Pit wall!