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Texas Dignitaries and FIA President to Present USGP Trophies


The podium at the 2012 USGP in Austin, TX

The 2012 Formula One United States Grand Prix winners' trophies will be presented by the following Austin and Texas dignitaries and FIA President:

The Winning Driver's trophy will be presented by Rick Perry, the Governor of the State of Texas.

The Winning Constructor's trophy will be presented by Susan Combs, Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts.

The Second Place Driver will receive his trophy from David Dewhurst, Lieutenant Governor of the State of Texas.

Third Place Driver will receive his trophy from Nick Craw, President, ACCUS and FIA Senate President.


The Trophy presenters of the 2012 USGP (L-R): Rick Perry, Susan Combs, David Dewhurst and Nick Craw


Abu Dhabi Grand Prix: Every Man's an Island...

Somebody famous once coined an expression about ‘money making the world go around’, which could so readily be linked to ‘oiling the wheels of an industry’ and, let’s face it, Formula One is a financially-orientated industry that makes millionaires out of its victors, as it travels the globe and (hopefully) aids prosperity, by promoting inward investment, tourism, sporting prowess and entrepreneurial spirit. However, Abu Dhabi is in the heartland of the oil business and, without it, Grand Prix would be a whole lot less slick.

Circuit of The Americas Passes Critical Inspection

FIA's Charlie Whiting visits Austin to inspect Circuit of The Americas

FIA Race Director and Safety Delegate, Charlie Whiting, spoke at Circuit of The Americas earlier today about the preparedness of the track for November's race. Mr. Whiting makes this final inspection 60 days prior to an inaugural Formula 1 race in order to make sure the circuit will be complete in time.

Here are a few excerpts from today's media briefing with Mr. Whiting:

"When you look at the track & the facility, what are you looking for?"

Details, really. Just to make sure that things like the track surface, the kerbs, the verges, the run off areas, guard rails, fences, verges, everything, is in the right condition.

Officially the final inspection has to be done 60 days prior to the first race. It's not normally practical to have everything absolutely, totally ready. But what we need to be sure of is that the Circuit will be ready. And, so what we're looking for here is that the asphalt, for example, is all done and it's all to good quality. The kerbs are all finished, the verges are all virtually finished, guard rails and fences are 98% done. You know, I'm 100% confident that everything will be absolutely fine.

"So, it passed the final inspection?"


"With your racing background, how do you think this track will race?"

Very well, indeed. We've got three, if not four, corners which are, very likely to see overtaking. They've been designed...if you look at Turn that they're extremely wide and the apex is very short. It's a very sort of modern approach to slow corners, where we hope overtaking will take place. So, I'm very confident it will work well.

"What was your impression of Turn 1?" the only word I can find to describe it. And I think drivers and teams alike, coming here for the first time, will say the same thing.

"Will this be a single or double DRS Zone circuit?"


"...and wear rate on tyres? ...kinda tough on tyres, kinda light?"

Very hard to know until we get to know what the asphalt is like. It's impossible to say at this point. But I can say certainly there will only be one DRS Zone.

"Do you know where that DRS Zone will be?"

Between Turns 11 and 12.

It was great to hear Mr. Whiting share his enthusiasm and confidence for Circuit of The Americas!


New FIA Series Driven by Electric Power

The electric KERS system for Formula 1 may prove to ignite a new wave of motorsports (Photo by Mark Thompson/Getty Images)

In late August the FIA announced a new championship series to be powered by 100% electric energy.  Called Formula E, it aims to demonstrate the need for alternatively-powered cars, an idea that has become the motor industry’s collective vision for automobiles of the future.  The series promoter, Formula E Holdings (FEH), is a conglomerate of entrepreneurs, former racing bosses, and other auto industry professionals.

The Blur of Park Life: Italian Grand Prix

Boasting a rich history that dates back to the Bronze Age, Monza possesses a more modern regal heritage at the centre of the Lombardy region of northern Italy. Monza Park is located on the edge of the main conurbation and, at 685 hectares, is the fourth largest, walled parkland in all of Europe. Less than fifteen kilometres from the fashion focal point of Italy (Milan, to which it was a sometime suburb), it was created as recently as June 11th 2004, as the new capital of the province of Monza and Brianza and is also home to the Autodromo Nazionale Monza.

Hungarian GP Review

Lewis Hamilton tops the Hungarian GP with the Lotus boys, Kimi Raikkonnen and Romain Grosjean, just behind

Britain is having the best week ever. First, London Olympic is off to a fantastic and sheep-filled start, and secondly, Hamilton took home the Gold medal-equivalent at the Hungarian Grand Prix this weekend. Well done, Britain. Well done!

Out of the qualifying sessions, Hamilton clenched the crucial pole position with Grosjean trailing behind in P2, and Vettel at P3. Schumacher had the worst luck, ended up in P17 after qualifying. The poor qualifying later was compounded by not able to start on the grid, leading to start from the Pit lane, which then lead to speeding in the pit lane, ended with a drive-through penalty due to speeding and then retiring at Lap 60. Overall, a rather horrible day at the office for Schumacher.  Meanwhile, Alonso, who's been dominant in the last few races had to deal with a disappointing P6 after qualifying.

Due to Schumacher's car inability to start on the grid, the cars have to do another formation lap. The extra formation lap is counted towards the total number of laps, so the drivers will have to race 69-lap rather than 70-lap. Who knew there's such an FIA rule?

Hamilton aggressively lead the race from the very beginning. He made very few errors, in fact, I think the only thing that could have been improved for Hamilton may bethe McLaren pit stops (again!). Hamilton had two pitstops during the Hungarian Grand Prix, lap 18 and lap 40, which for the most part were smooth and quick. Due to the horrid pit stop performances in some of the races this year, I still get nervous for McLaren during all their pit stops.

Grosjean was relentless in staying right behind Hamilton for the most part, constantly putting pressure with an average of 1 sec gap, though ultimately not able to make any overtaking bids. Hamilton won this race with pure speed and determination, landing him his 2nd win this season and his 3rd win at this circuit.

In a track where overtaking has been known to be particularly difficult, we saw some pretty exciting wheel-to-wheel actions. Button and Vettel were battling it out at the start of the race with Button overtaking Vettel to get into 3rd place. Equally, if not more, nail-biting was when Raikkonen came out of pit lane after pit stop at lap 45, Grosjean was just coming down the track and we saw two Lotus dueling with real danger of crushing. I think Grosjean may have been surprised by Raikkonen, as the

Lotus team radioed Grosjean to let him know that "You're racing Kimi!". Way to go, Raikkonen, on pulling off a move like that with the fresh tyres. That particular move paid off handsomely for Raikkonen as he was able to take 2nd while leaving Grosjean to 3rd in the final results.

As much as this is a big win for McLaren and Hamilton, it's even grander results for Lotus to have double podium. The Lotus cars are getting really good pace and remains competitive with the big 3. I am still optimistic that Raikkonen will win one (or few) Grand Prix this season. Never under-estimate the Iceman, I say! We may still see Raikkonen smile or show the slightest of emotions this season!

Another race weekend, another grid girl outfit. The grid girl outfits continue to be somewhat unimaginative. I think I may have to stop hoping for the couture grid girl outfit. For the Hungarian Grand Prix, the grid girls were dressed in a white and yellow "dress". It starts out looking like a white golf shirt on the top part and then color-morphed to a short yellow bottom. It's catchy visually but slightly odd-looking. This dress makes me long for the all-red-with-white-bow classy but boring dress that we saw a few races back. And Best Post-race hair? Hamilton takes the prize.

Don't forget that F1 is having a summer break for August. There'll be no more races until 8/31! Me sad. Until then, Keep Calm and Carry On! See you late August!