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NUERBURG, GERMANY - JULY 23: Mark Webber of Australia and Red Bull Racing drives during practice to the German Formula One Grand Prix at the Nurburgring on July 23, 2011 in Nuerburg, Germany. (Photo by Vladimir Rys Photography via Getty Images)

// Dividends of Downforce

Located in the Rhine Valley, near Karlsruhe, the 2012 German Grand Prix at Hockenheim is this season’s alternative to the equally infamous ‘Green Hell’ of the Nürburgring but, prior to its 2002 modernisation programme, it claimed the lives of two of Formula One’s most famous sons.

Tifosi, Tragedy & Triumph: The Emotions of Formula 1

Michael Schumacher sits quietly in the Mercedes GP garage before the 2012 Spanish Grand Prix. Photo © Mercedes GP As Henry Sanders, of Sports Illustrated (Dec 26th 1955), stated so appositely, “Sure, winning isn’t everything. It’s the only thing!”, the pursuit of sporting perfection remains a pinnacle achievement for a surprising few. Yet, the support granted to it is prodigious. Worldwide Television audiences regularly top the hundreds of millions. Magazine and periodical coverage amounts to many hundreds of thousands of miles worth of column inches. However, transmitted by word of mouth, from one attending supporter to another, a crescendo builds and fanaticism grows on its back.