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"The Bionic Bride" at Formula Expo

Formula Expo with Ally Smith Babineaux from The Austin Grand Prix on Vimeo.

In addition to speaking with Davy Jones and John McCutchen, II, Ally Smith Babineaux, Godstone Ranch Ambassador of the Heart, also tells us more about the organization and how she got involved.

Dubbed the "Bionic Bride," heart health hits close to home for Allly. After viral cardiomyopathy destroyed her heart in 2006, she was equipped with a system of pumps and wires that made up a HeartMate II. She was able to return to mostly normal function with the aid of the device, which allowed her to see through her wedding plans. However, a few months after the wedding her heart continued to deteriorate and the HeartMate could no longer work. In 2011 her condition miraculously improved the night a donor hear became available. She is now fully recovered and enjoys serving as Godstone Ranch's Ambassador of the Heart.

You can read more about Godstone Ranch Motorsports by visiting their website, here.