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Thank You - Our Fans ROCK!

A giant Texas-sized THANK YOU to everyone who responded to our Calls to Action and have been diligently writing emails and picking up the phone to share their support with City of Austin and Travis County officials these past few months.  It may seem like a small task but every single one of your actions adds up and you've made your opinion known loud and clear to city officials who now know that Formula One racing can and will take place in Austin, Texas in 2012!


Calling for the Call To Action

This morning I received some unfortunate news that F1 opponents are taking to the phones.  In addition to emailing the Travis County Commissioners, please pick up the phone and tell Commissioner Gomez that you support Item #9 on tomorrow's agenda.  Her number is +1 512 854 9444.  We'll continue to share any news ASAP.  Thank you!

LIVE FEED of Today's Austin City Council Meeting re Austin Grand Prix Funding

Austin City Council is meeting today to discuss water and wastewater funding as it applies to the Formula One site in Elroy, Texas. 

We have been advised that Items # 2 and 3 on the Agenda will be discussed at 1:30PM CST today.  You can watch a live feed of the meeting here.

We will also be live-tweeting on our Austin Grand Prix twitter account, which you can read and interact with us at, here.

More details to follow.



Keep Austin Weird!


Courtesy of louellacourt.typepad.comThis evening the official Formula 1 United States Grand Prix (TM) site reported an official partnership with Haynes-Eaglin-Waters to provide minority-owned and women-owned business enterprise outreach and support. What does this mean? F1US is committed to supporting the local economy and making sure minority- and women-owned businesses have a chance to play a big role in developing this world class multi-purpose venue! 

This reminds me of a slogan that originated in Austin: Keep Austin Weird!  The Austin Independent Business Alliance coined this phrase in 2002 to promote small businesses in Austin by making Austinites think, shop and grow locally.  You can find this slogan on bumper stickers, tye-dye t-shirts, coffee mugs, and proudly displayed in numerous locally-owned businesses around town.  However, do not confuse Austin as a small-minded town: Austin is a major player on the global scale (technology, education and communication just to name a few) but one of the things that makes Austin "Austin" is that it values its resources and people and will work hard to support the people that make it "weird"!

Check out the Austin Independent Business Alliance and Keep Austin Weird and see how we like to keep it weird!