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Call To Action: The Last(?) Hurdle

On Tuesday, December 14, Travis County Commissioners will meet to "discuss traffic issues and vote on granting a floodplain variance" for the future home of F1 racing in the US.  The Austin Business Journal reported what city officials want, what the developer wants, and what the traffic engineers at Kimley-Horn And Associates Inc. have come up with so far.  You can check out the 42-page KHA report, complete with memos related to the floodpalin request, here, or peruse the Commission Agenda, here.

A spokesperson for the Official USGP has told us that the County hearing could mark the last public discussion needed for the site to begin construction. City approvals are complete for construction to begin (YAY!).

Since you have been so diligent in our previous Calls to Action, we're asking for your assistance on this (hopefully) final push.  Below are the Travis County Commissioners’ emails and phone numbers, as well as draft language for your use.  Phone numbers are also listed below so people can call in as well. Be sure to insert your name in the closing of the message.

In addition, you may attend the hearing at the Travis County Administration Building, 314 W. 11th, Commissioners Courtroom, 1st Floor, Austin, Texas 78701, at 9:00 am

Thank you for your continual support!



County Judge Sam Biscoe: +1 512 854 9555

Commissioner Ron Davis, Precinct 1: +1 512 854 9111

Commissioner Sarah Eckhardt, Precinct 2: +1 512 854 9222

Commissioner Karen Huber, Precinct 3: +1 512 854 9333

Commissioner Margaret Gomez, Precinct 4: +1 512 854 9444


Dear Travis County Commissioners,

As a strong advocate for bringing Formula 1 racing to Austin, Texas, I urge you to approve item #9 on the December 14 agenda regarding a flood plain variance at the United States Grand Prix site. County staff has recommended approval of this request, and your support will allow this beneficial project to continue moving forward.

The Formula 1 project will serve as a catalyst for improvements in the City of Austin’s Desired Development Zone and along the SH 130 corridor that have long been needed.

Supporting this item will bring this project a step further to becoming a reality. I am eager for the arrival of Formula 1 in Austin, Texas, and urge you to support these matters.


Supporter of the Formula 1 United States Grand PrixTM

Formula One United States Grand Prix™ Releases Conceptual Master Plan for Austin Stage

Last night Full Throttle Productions, LP and Formula One United States Grand Prix™ announced the Conceptual Master Plan for the new home of the United States Grand Prix in Austin from 2012-2021.  The plan includes "a proposed Driving/Riding Experience and Seminar Building, Motorsports Driving Club, Kart Track and Welcome Center."

As previously reported, the track will have a highly anticipated maximum elevation change of 133 feet and cover the course of 3.4 miles.  In addition to the grandstands and semi-permanent stands,  the grounds will also include "natural grass berms" and picnic areas (think the re-sodded Zilker Park with a race track in the middle of it). 

Zilker Park, Austin, TexasPhoto Courtesy of austintowers.netFor those of you concerned with the recent traffic impact discussions, Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc. and has been retained and brings their long list of experience with Texas Motor Speedway, the new Cowboys Stadium, Lone Star Park and Houston’s Dynamo Park.

Graham Lake–Grange, a Director with Global Strategic Outcomes (UK), will handle the guest experience and has also developed successful traffic management plans for thirteen Formula One Grand Prix™ events at Silverstone as well as over 100 large-scale public events.  Still, it might not be a bad idea for Mr. Lake-Grange to experience the 100,000+ masses that pour into Zilker Park every year for the Austin City Limits Music Festival...

Photo courtesy of austincool.comAlso mentioned in the Press Release are a few various multi-purpose functions originally quoted by Tavo Hellmund in the first press conference.  We are very excited about the previously mentioned research and development testing center, which we were really looking forward to.  However, we're wondering where MotoGP fits into this, as we enjoyed speaking with the 1993 World GP Motorcycle Champion Kevin Schwantz at the press conference, and were hoping to see some MotoGP events welcomed at the new facility. 

From the Formula 1 United States Grand Prix™ press release:

  • Driving/Riding Experience and Seminar Building: The facility and racetrack will provide the ideal location for manufacturers to test, launch and educate dealers as well as consumers. The facility will feature classroom settings, virtual driving experiences and will provide the opportunity for test-driving on the racetrack, streets and off-road courses.
  • Motorsports Driving Club: The membership-only club will serve as a luxury destination featuring an array of hospitality services and amenities. The club will offer its members professional instruction, customized driving courses, premium car story and concierge level services.
  • Kart Track: The outdoor karting track will be designed to provide an experience for youth and adults of all ages. The track, open to the public, will specialize in orchestrating custom group events, team building programs, celebratory events, fund–raisers as well as individual experiences.

What are your thoughts?  Good enough or what else would you like to see at the facility or addressed by the official promoter?