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The Austin Grand Prix - Water & Wastewater Meeting Today - Please Email Your Support! (They're Listening)

Please join the "Friends of Formula 1 Austin Texas" group on LinkedIn, which is located here.  Here is the latest post regarding the Water and Wastewater Commission meeting today:


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  • Group: Friends of Formula 1 Austin Texas

The Formula 1 folks will be attending a Meeting tomorrow and we need to send a message to the Water and Wastewater Commission requesting approval for the project.
Please cut / paste / modify to your liking, the below message and email to the... following addresses and sign your name after the "Thank you" line.

The Water and Wastewater Commission are voting on an item related to wastewater services at the Formula 1 site at their meeting tomorrow, November 10. We would really appreciate if you show your support via email. Thanks again for all of your help and support!

Email addresses:

To Water and Wastewater Commissioners,

As a strong advocate for bringing Formula 1 racing to Austin, Texas, I encourage you to support item #15 which would provide wastewater services for the Formula 1 United States Grand Prix and the surrounding community. Improvements to wastewater service in this part of the City’s extra-territorial jurisdiction are much needed and well-deserved. The Formula 1 project is the catalyst we need to spur infrastructure improvements in the City’s desired development zone, and supporting this item on today’s agenda will bring this project a step further to becoming a reality.

Thank you,

Supporter of the Formula 1 United States Grand PrixTM in Austin, Texas