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Race Preview: British Grand Prix

Our well wishes are with Maria de Villota of Marussia F1 Team (photo courtesy of and anticipation to the British Grand Prix was mounting this week until a freak accident on Tuesday with Marussia F1 test driver Maria de Villota which brought everything to an abrupt halt.

Nobody knows what exactly happened yet, but Maria's car evidently malfunctioned and ran into the Marussia support truck. Maria has since reported to have suffered serious head and facial injuries, including tragically losing her right eye. The F1 community, drivers and crew and fans are sending well wishes to Maria and her family.

I'm saddened to see a female driver just setting off her journey into F1, with great potential in attracting more women to watch and get involve with the sport, to have her racing career cut short. The silver lining is that she's alive. It reminds us again that F1, despite all the safety measures on the car, at the garage or on the track, has an element of danger that will never fully go away. Much kudos to all the drivers and the pit crews!

About the famous Silverstone race this weekend, based on the latest prediction on, there is a 50% chance of rain in Silverstone this Saturday and a 40% chance of wetness on Sunday race day! Woo! It's been over 100°F in Chicago the last few days and more hot days to come, so not only is the sight of rain a welcomed relief (even if in far off land), rainy race day means we will be treated to an even more unpredictable race. Tyres choice will be paramount, the qualifying session and the race will be extra challenging, aquaplaning will be rear its ugly head.

It'll also be interesting to see how Red Bull will fare with their car at this race, their pace last time at Valencia was unmatched by any other team. Vettel and Hamilton will both be hungry as ever to get some serious points to stay competitive in the championship. Button will surely want some rain to help him turn on a super drive at the Grand Prix in front of a home crowd. If you look at the British Grand Prix winners of last few years, you see Alonso (2011), Webber (2010), Vettel (2009), Hamilton (2008), Raikkonen (2007), Alonso (2006). These are familiar names and I have the inkling that we will see one of these drivers on the podium this weekend.

That's all for now! Catch you again at the British Grand Prix Race Recap!