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An American Dream


// American Dream

Today is a special day in America: Election Day. An opportunity to open up the doors to the future for our country as the Presidential race concludes. Following some reflection on the year's significant events, I looked back at the passing of American astronaut Neil Armstrong. On July 20, 1969, Armstrong became the first man to walk the moon, captivating the attention of the world as he took the most important steps of the century and redefined the bounds of human progress. Behind him, a team of talented Americans in the fields of design, engineering, science and mathematics propelled Armstrong to achieve the impossible.

The Flying Lap - Peter Windsor Discusses F1 on Web TV

One of the amazing outcomes of launching this site has been the incredible converstations we have started with what we once considered "out of reach" F1 insiders. We never thought we would be in the same room as Red McCombs, shake hands with Susan Combs, or chat up a new friend named Tavo. We never thought our passion for Formula One racing would connect us with other fans in Atlanta, Canada, South America, London or Australia. We underestimated the number of F1 and motor enthusiasts in the Austin area alone! However, once we started talking about our exponential enthusiasm for F1 coming to Austin, we realized people were listening, and we started to listen back.

During the summer we read about a weekly chat on Twitter titled #F1Chat.  Hosted by a Formula One racing enthusiast and marketing maven, Lois Martin, #F1Chat was interesting to us because it encompassed the short 140-character appeal of Twitter but allowed users to stay on guided topic by using the keyword (or "hashtag" as they're called on Twitter) #F1chat.  I have really enjoyed sharing Lois's F1 enthusiasm, despite being located across the country, and during one of the chats, I was surprised to "see" Peter Windsor pop in and engage in the discussion.  Just a few months ago Lois's popular weekly chat became affiliated with, an amazing online resource with incredible in-depth analysis and discussions of all things Formula 1, and she joined the group as Contributing Editor and continues to host #F1Chat.  Which brings us full circle, because...

A great new online show debuted last week called "The Flying Lap With Peter Windsor."  It is a live online Formula One Q & A show on hosted by Peter Windsor and starring some incredible guests.  Here's the trailer:

This week's show will feature Bob Bell, one of the most successful F1 engineers of the past 30 years, and Todd McCandless, creator of one of the most prolifically-read formula one blogs on the internet,

The show airs live at 12 noon CST on Wednesday, however there is also a special feature this Thursday.  Because we don't want you to miss a beat (and we think helping our friends with some good 'ol word of mouth is cool), check out any or all of the following links:

The Flying Lap Website
The Flying Lap TV Channel
The Flying Lap on iTunes
The Flying Lap on Facebook
The Flying Lap on Twitter

Peter Windsor's Website - The Race Driver
Peter on Twitter

Formula 1 Blog
Formula 1 Blog on iTunes
Formula 1 Blog on Facebook
Formula 1 Blog on Twitter
#F1Chat on Twitter
Lois on Formula 1 Blog

By no means is this an all-encompassing post on all the amazing people we've met, but we wanted to share this post so you can tune in to tomorrow's show.  We'll continue to share amazing resources with you as beginner and veteran F1 fans alike! 

Have any resources we should check out? Post them in our comments.  Here is last week's The Flying Lap show which included an intriguing discussion about the Senna movie.