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By Stephen Olvey


ISBN: 978 1 84425 982 3

Price: $15.00

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In 282 pages of paperback, US-based author, Olvey, who used to be the Medical Director for CART racing in the USA, tells the stories of a career that witnessed him working with innumerable racing legends around the world. While many of the chapters are packed with humorous anecdotes, Olvey often highlights the ecstatic peaks and tragic troughs of a sport that has been robbed of many of its leading lights, through some of the most spectacular of race incidents.

Remarkably frank and revealing about many of the key personnel involved in the racing scene, it is a henuine shame that the number of potentially lucid photographs is very small in number. However, the words more than make-up for the lack of imagery and factor in a long held belief that they can convey emotions better than pictures, some of which might be too explicit for any audience.

A truly captivating read, there is almost a thrill on every single page.

The simple fact that the author was present at so many races and events and that his powers of recall are so vivid is what makes this book such an essential read. As a means to obtaining an insider’s view, it is certainly every bit as good as Professor Syd Watkins’ autobiography and worthy reading for any race fan, whether of the senior formulae or not.

New Additions!

Just a quick rundown on some recent additions:

Please join us in congratulating our contributor Mike, aka Chairman Kaga, as he and his wife welcomed their first Baby Girl this morning - Congratulations and Best Wishes for all of you!

Dr. Stephen OlveyJust last week Circuit of the Americas announced that internationally recognized physician Dr. Stephen Olvey "joined the team as Director of Medical Services. Dr. Olvey served as Director of Medical Affairs for Championship Auto Racing Teams from their inception in 1978 to 2003. He is the author of two books including Rapid Response, an autobiography of his career in motor sports medicine. He is a member of the American College of Sports Medicines Motor Sports Safety Task Force, is a Founding Fellow of the FIA Institute for Motor Sports Safety, serves as a Medical Consultant to the Indianapolis 500 Mile Race and is a Member of the Media Referral Network of the American College of Sports Medicine."

F1 Fanatic had this to say about Dr. Olvey in 2006:  "Dr Stephen Olvey is best described as American racing’s answer to F1′s Professor Sid Watkins. Olvey was at the forefront of improving driver safety in Indycar racing from the 1970s until the series dissolved in 1995. He remained with the new Champ Car series until it collapsed in 2003."

You can read the official COTA press release on Dr. Olvey here.

Also announced today by COTA is the appointment of Lon Bromley as Director of Safety. You may also recognize Mr. Bromley's name - our Twitter friend BaronVonClutch pointed out that "It's a Champ Car Reunion... Lon was head of the CC safety team while Dr. Olvey was w/ the CC medical team w/ Terry Trammell."

COTA goes on to introduce Mr. Bromley as "a 20-year veteran of the racing world...considered an expert in the field of motor sports safety and on-track rapid response. Bromley will oversee the development of safety procedures and policy at Circuit of the Americas. He will also be responsible for track maintenance programs and assist in the development of emergency protocols. Additional responsibilities will include overseeing procurement and maintenance of rescue equipment, coordination of track marshals and volunteers, and safety planning with local ambulance, fire, EMT, and paramedic services."

You can also read COTA's full press release on Mr. Bromley here.

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