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The Stars At Night, Are Big and Bright

The Austin Grand Prix Presents: The Singapore GP "Pre-Party" at Star Bar

As drivers were waking up for their first day of the 2012 Singapore Grand Prix weekend, members of the Austin community gathered at the iconic Star Bar on West 6th Street to learn more about motorsports.

With a rapidly expanding public interest in Formula 1TM, The Austin Grand Prix invited guests to experience a taste of the grand prix lifestyle and learn about F1 TM in a social setting. Guests enjoyed an evening of networking as Event Partner, DNA Events, transformed Star Bar into a hip and happening venue (even more so than usual). Premier Party Central jazzed up the decor with gorgeous table linens and gave us the ability to showcase some of our favorite F1 photos taken at the 2011 Canadian Grand Prix. We have been working with DNA Events and Premiere Party Central throughout the year and they always know the right elements to bring to the table and help set the mood for our events.