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Behind the Scenes with Flo Rida at Austin Fan Fest

Flo Rida performs at the COTA Club in Austin on November 16, 2012. Photo by AGP Street Team Member Jenny Tavarez

One of the biggest names in rap and hip hop performed at Austin Fan Fest's COTA Club. But what did he think about Formula 1 in Austin? Find out in this exclusive behind the scenes interview by AGP Street Team members Nicholle, Jenny and Kenneth.

AGP Street Team Interview with Austin Fan Fest Artist Flo Rida from The Austin Grand Prix on Vimeo.

Video credit: Nicholle Jaramillo (Editor, Producer and Interviewer), Kenneth Eke (Production Assistant) and Jenny Tavarez (Content Contributor).

Thank You from AGP

The Texas State Capitol in Austin, TexasThe entire Austin Grand Prix team is grateful for the support of our fans and friends throughout the past two and a half years! We wanted to share our appreciation with a few members of the F1 Paddock in a unique way, so we requested the flag of the State of Texas be flown above the Texas State Capitol on Sunday, November 18, 2012 to commemorate the Inaugural Formula 1 United States Grand Prix.

With the help of our friends Jennie Gow, Jason Swales and John Watson with BBC Radio 5 Live, two of the historic flags made it to São Paolo, Brazil for a special delivery during the 2012 Brazilian Grand Prix. Jennie tells us that Lewis "was touched" by such a commemorative gift and Will Buxton also shared his reaction via Twitter: "Just been given the most amazing gift. One of the 4 flags that flew on the State Capitol on USGP Sunday. I'm in tears...hugely honoured and very grateful."

AGP is excited to share our Texas pride and this small part of history with the winner of our Inaugural race, Lewis Hamilton, and with Will Buxton, who has been an incredible supporter of Formula 1 in America. This is only the beginning!

Enjoy these photos:


Race Roundup from Jamey Price, Photographer

Lewis Hamilton takes the win in Austin, Texas for the 2012 USGP. All images © Jamey Price/XBP Images 2012. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

When the average American is asked what Formula One is, the general response is something along the lines of, “Well that’s just fast, strange looking cars that run in the Indy 500 right?” Wrong. “Ok, what makes it different?” My response: Just trust me. Come and Race it.

And that is exactly what America did this past weekend.

Thursday at the USGP

The Paddock is growing as drivers, team personnel, and media settle in at the new Grand Prix facility.