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Tavo Hellmund, Founding Partner of Circuit of the Americas, on "Grand Prix of America"

In on-going Formula 1 US news, Circuit of the Americas™ promoter and Formula 1 United States Grand Prix™ Chairman Tavo Hellmund issued the following statement in regards to the announcement of the Grand Prix of America - Port Imperial:

Tavo Hellmund“I want to extend my congratulations to Leo and his team, as I know how much work they have put into making this happen. When I walked the site a few years ago, the site’s potential was obvious.

I am excited for the East Coast and feel Tuesday’s announcement is yet another acknowledgement of the viability, fan interest, economic benefits and prestige an F1 Grand Prix event brings to a region.

New Jersey and Texas, nearly 2,000 miles apart, offer unique and very different fan experiences destined to not only raise the visibility of the sport in this country, but also increase the global attraction and US support of these world-class events.

These two regions are going to be terrific backdrops for the world’s most advanced form of racing.”