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Checking In with Jamey Price at the Singapore Grand Prix

Ferrari detail - by Jamey Price

Jamey Price (USA) is shooting the 2013 FORMULA 1 SINGTEL SINGAPORE GRAND PRIX at Marina Bay Street Circuit this weekend. It's the thirteenth round of the 2013 Formula 1 World Championship and the only night race on the current calendar. Since we've enjoyed Jamey's insight and perspective into shooting motorsports we wanted to catch up with him in anticipation of Sunday's Singapore Grand Prix.

AGP: What are you most looking forward to in Singapore? 

JP: I think the total change of culture. I love traveling and I love Asia. So having a street race in what I hear is one of the coolest cities on earth should be unforgettable. 

AGP: What are some variables you anticipate, both at Marina Bay and in Singapore in general? 

JP: Obviously shooting at night will present unique challenges. But nothing I have not done before in ALMS, Indycar and NASCAR. And I've heard that the track is very well lit. I think as usual with street circuits, the access and ease of getting around are the biggest issues. 

But then there is the time change. My body is on Eastern Daylight time. But media and teams travel to Singapore and find it easier to stay on GMT time. Soooo I'll have a struggle on my hands to find a good balance. 

AGP: How will your preparations differ from preparing for the other Grands Prix? 

JP: I've prepared for this one like any other. I know the track well enough and I know the series very well. So it will be a matter of actually learning the track in person that will present the biggest issues. 

AGP: Do you utilize any other resources to plan your first shoot at the circuit? e. g. Circuit map, driver simulators' videos, online footage, etc.

JP: Of course! A lot of us use a lot of different tools. Call it silly but I use the Codemasters F1 games as the best way to learn a track. Singapore is a long and complicated circuit. So knowing generally where I am on track and what is close to me is important. Other than that, I look at previous years images from other respected photographers to get a sense of what can be accomplished. But improving, or putting your own spin on the images is important. 

Tune into Jamey on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to keep up with his great work. He'll also be back in Austin this November for the 2013 FORMULA 1 UNITED STATES GRAND PRIX.


Another Sunday Funday at Six Lounge

It figures. We go boasting about how construction at Circuit of the Americas is soooo ahead of schedule because of our drought, and then BAM! Rain, rain, rain. Some speculate that it is a result of the University of Texas Longhorns vs. Oklahoma University Sooners football game. Moving on...

Jenson Button and his Mini-Me!

Our fans still braved the rain and joined us once again at Six Lounge where we had more seating, more food and better audio setup to enjoy the Japanese Grand Prix.

And enjoy the race, we did! WOW, Suzuka, you did not disappoint! Congratulations to Jenson Button! We bet these F1 plush dolls are worth a pretty penny now! Check out Jenson's mini-me below:

And, we had a little fun with Sebastian Vettel's double World Championship win which was secured at Suzuka. Have you seen the viral Double Rainbow YouTube video? I have heard the term used over the past year, but didn't realize there was a video to match. I finally watched it last week and couldn't stop laughing.

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Lap One Done With the Support of Our Fans!

We are excited to celebrate with you the one year anniversary of the announcement of Austin, Texas as the future home of Formula One™ in the United States starting in 2012. It was also one year ago today that we founded The Austin Grand Prix and embarked upon our mission to bring the most comprehensive news surrounding this announcement to fans around the world. Our mission was simple: “To bridge the gap between racing fans and Austin and welcome everyone to the future home of Formula One™.”

We are extremely grateful for the support of our fans from Austin to Australia and everywhere in between; whether you’ve connected with us via our dedicated website, Facebook page, Twitter account, Vimeo video page, or met us out and about in the streets of Austin at a watch party, networking event, movie premiere, press conference or any other exciting event. Thank YOU for supporting our efforts to be the new media and community resource for the Circuit of the Americas™ under construction in Austin, Texas as the future home of Formula One™ and MotoGP racing, starting in 2012.

On location at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, TX

What's Next?

  • 3 June 2011: The FIA World Motor Sport Council will meet and discuss rescheduling of the cancelled Bahrain GP and preliminary talks of a 2012 race calendar.
  • November 2011: Expected announcement of finalized 2012 race calendar.
  • June 2012: When COTA has been told to “be ready” for an inaugural race. Also, a June race date would make logical sense, if the track was ready by this time, because the cars should already be on the North American continent, coinciding with the Canadian Grand Prix.
  • September/October 2012: Another logical date for the USGP because the cars are shipped through Dallas, Texas (about a 3 hour drive from Austin) on their way to Brazil in South America for the Brazilian GP. Also, back in April, the University of Texas said their Longhorns Football Team would consider moving a football game to accommodate a race weekend in Austin - which would be unprecedented!

Headed to Montreal!

We are also excited to be packing our bags for Montreal in two weeks for the Canadian Grand Prix from 9-13 June. We hope to meet as many F1 fans as possible and have created a casual meet up in Montreal, which you can RSVP for on our Facebook page and stay tuned for more information.


"SENNA" Wins The Hearts Of Austin

It is hard to believe that it was just two months ago that we had the great Kerri and Kevin with SENNA Director Asif Kapadia at SXSWhonor of working alongside Director Asif Kapadia and Working Title Films to help promote and welcome the Texas premiere of the SENNA film during Austin’s famed South By Southwest Film Festival. Thank you for helping sell out both screenings of the film at the iconic Paramount Theatre on Congress Avenue. If you were able to attend a screening, we hope you enjoyed the film as much as we did! If not, check out this exclusive video interview of Asif at the Social Media Clubhouse. Please also continue to support SENNA for next week’s UK release (3 June) and a broader US statewide release planned for 12 August. We want to continue to serve as a reliable resource for the SENNA film so please check our website in the coming week as we roll out some amazing new SENNA film features.


How Can You Help?

Another question we are frequently asked is how our fans and supporters can help. Here are a few ideas:

  • Sign-up for our newsletter and tell your friends and colleagues about it!
  • Got an idea? A burning question? A referral? Send us an email anytime atOur fan and friend Heath showing his support at the 2011 Australian GP! Info@TheAustinGrandPrix.com. We would love to hear from you!
  • Get your hands on the first product promoting the return of Formula One™ to Texas via our COME AND RACE IT™ shirts! We will also be adding more products in the coming months.
  • Please send us your pictures in your COME AND RACE IT™ shirt, as we are compiling photographs of our fans from around the world, just like the one shown here from Down Under!

We are extremely grateful to our fans and supporters because we have been building The Austin Grand Prix to serve you. Sometimes we are asked: “Why is it the Austin Grand Prix? Don’t you think that is exclusive of the rest of Texas, or the US, or North America?” We are the Austin Grand Prix because we are a part of the social fabric of the Austin community; we believe over the next twelve months you will start to understand why we love this great city so much. We look forward to welcoming you and we hope you will join us in 2012 for the inaugural United States Grand Prix in Austin, Texas.


Thank You and COME AND RACE IT™!


Kerri Olsen and Kevin Olsen