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Introducing Your Crash Course in Formula 1 Racing: F101©

What is Formula 1?

How is it different from other racing?

How fast do the cars go?

Image courtesy of How Stuff Works. © 2007

These are the first three questions I get when I talk to people in my social and professional circles. For the veteran F1 fan these questions might stimulate an eye roll accompanied with a deep sigh ("Where, oh WHERE do I begin!?") but for the majority of Americans these are very real and valid questions.

Over the holidays Kevin and I began to work on a new educational feature of our website. It's called F101©.

Over the past nine months we've witnessed first hand the enthusiastic reaction of novice and veteran F1 fans to the announcement of Austin as the future home of the United States Grand Prix.  Some of you know quite well that we started this site because we were frustrated with the lack of dedicated and reliable news sources reporting on this monumental (to a few of us at least ;) news. Since then the number of online sources has grown radically, but we still pride ourselves in delivering valuable and innovative content.

It's no surprise that there is a whole new demographic that wants to learn about F1 racing. We're launching F101© as a creative alternative to the other educational sites (no offense, Wikipedia). Each week we'll answer 3-5 questions about F1 and also have an option for readers to submit their own inquiries.

Our goal is to continue to educate and network with our fans - we hope you'll participate!

Here it is: our F101© page

Thank you for your support :)