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Why Texas for F1 - WIRED Magazine

Great article just released about why Austin is fit for Formula 1 Racing.  We love the optimism and support for Austin in this piece: we know the great people, places and energy that make Austin the best city in the Lone Star State!  Despite F1's rough past in America, we agree that Austin is a great place to revive the F1 energy for the entire country and the business and government support is unrivaled!

WIRED - Autopia - Why Texas Makes Perfect Sense for F1


No Longer a Dream, Race is on Track!

Breaking news reported from multiple sources last night:

-The land for the track HAS been purchased!

-The track HAS been designed, by Veteran circuit designer Hermann Tilke!

-Initial permission for permits HAVE been granted!

-The 700+ acre location is "within miles" from Austin Bergstrom International Airport!

Motor-racing veteran journalist Adam Cooper posted this late last night:  

Tilke designing Austin Track, site already purchased


 ESPN Racing also published last night:

Promoter reveals designer, few details


And this morning, stated:

Tilke to design new Austin circuit

So, Mr. Tavo Hellmund and Full Throttle Productions, LP have been doing their homework.  We are not surprised!  You can't go to the rodeo without your cowboy hat, spurs and rope.  We will continue to update you as this story develops. Congrats to the Tilke Team and we look forward to learning more.

Kiplinger Rates Austin #1

 Best Cities 2010: Austin, Texas

Kiplinger Business Magazine has just released their top ten cities of the next decade, and ranked Austin as number one.  This comes as no surprise to many of the city's residents, but it's a great honor non the less especially with the upcoming Grand Prix race in 2012.

This video should help give non-residents and future F1 Visitors a chance to learn a bit more about Austin and some of our funky, local flavor!