The Environmental Board is meeting tonight in Austin and they need to hear from Formula One supporters.  Please send the message below (or your personalization) to the board members:



SUBJECT:  Environmental Board Hearing on F1 Track
Dear Members of the Environmental Board,
Please support the cut and fill variances, along with the construction on slopes variance, under consideration at today’s public hearing. As a strong advocate for bringing Formula 1 racing to Austin, Texas, I encourage you to support what city staff has recommended. The granting of these variances will help make this project a reality. The area under consideration will no doubt be put to better use with the construction of a race track, as opposed to the original plan of an 1,800 lot subdivision. The track will allow for less overall traffic, and less carbon emissions, than if it were turned into a subdivision. Again, I hope that you will support the variances under consideration at today’s public hearing.
Thank you,
Supporter of the Formula 1 United States Grand PrixTM in Austin, Texas