Wow, what an interesting turn of events at the Turkish Grand Prix this weekend!  Mark Webber has been at the top of his game in the last two races by achieving pole position (the top position for starting the race) and by wining the race as well!  The Turkish Grand Prix was Mark's chance to make this a hat trick, with three pole positions and three race wins in a row.

 The race started out pretty calm, Mark Webber lead the race with Sabastien Vettel (his teamate) in third between the two Mclaren cars, in second Lewis Hamilton and fourth Jensen Button.  Thanks to a quick pitstop and a slight delay for Hamilton in the pits, Vettel managed to emerge into second place behind Mark Webber and stayed there for a majority of the race.  It wasn't until lap 41 of 58, that Vettel managed to draft Webber enough to pass him on the left going into a hard left turn.  While Vettel was moving up, he shifted to the right towards Webber but Mark stood his ground and Vettel collided with him.  The damage took Vettel out of the race completely and allowed the two Mclaren cars to move up to first and second.  This was a devistating blow to the Red Bull team as well as Webber, who finished third in the race overall.

 The controversy surrounding this move has developed into a Webber versus Vettel press war and raised the concern over team strategy in races.  This has been an ongoing issue in F1 where teamates are constantly trying to compete against eachother as well as the other drivers.  As of this point, it looks like Red Bull has resolved the issue and will make sure to be careful in the future to make sure the drivers race competitively but don't risk putting eachother in danger of dropping out of the race or worse, an accident.

 Next weekend the race will move to North America in Montreal, Canada.  If anyone is venturing out that way, have a great trip and let us know how the race goes!!!  Share your pictures and stories on our Facebook group or send them to us and we'll put them up with a special thanks to you!