A very interesting race for us last weekend!  The key to the race was tire choice, something that is a new factor to many racing fans not adversed in F1.  Due to the temperature, one of the hottest of the year so far, and the new rules this year that require one lap on each set of two tire types, the strategy helped determine the outcome of the race.  Tire wear because of the heat was a large problem and helped contribute to rapid wear of the tires, causing many teams to have to pit earlier and more often than necessary.

Lewis Hamilton made the right choice and thanks to his strategy, won the race with his teamate from McLaren, Jenson Button, right behind him.  Visit SPEED TV to catch a video recap with the Speed TV commentators and a comprehensive discussion of each team and their performace in the race.

Will tires be a big problem in Valencia, Spain for the European Grand Prix?  Bridgestone has adjusted it's strategy to aid in the process and says that it won't be a problem...your thoughts?