I found this sketch of a possible street race circuit for a New Jersey/New York Grand Prix.

A draft "night race" in Liberty State ParkThis is from a 2010 blog post which shares an "official presentation document" for a "2012 United States Grand Prix - Jersey City." Obviously Circuit of the Americas and Full Throttle Productions, LP (Tavo's original entity as promoter) own the title rights to the race name "The Formula 1 United States Grand Prix". Although it is an unconfirmed and unofficial blog post, it did include some interesting facts which could have been used in pitching a New Jersey/New York Formula 1 race:

Why Jersey City is the perfect location…

  • Jersey City is situated on the Hudson River located just one mile from lower Manhattan, offering spectacular views of NYC.
  • It is easily commutable by PATH train (24/7 subway system), by ferry, car, bus, taxi, light rail and train making it a very attractive destination to stage grand events.
  • We are home to Liberty State Park, a green oasis with over 1,212 acres in the middle of Jersey City, offering phenomenal views of the Manhattan skyline, the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.
  • We are experienced in hosting large events in Liberty State Park, and this June, the Red Bull Air Race will take center stage. Last year, Barclay’s brought the PGA Golf Tournament to Jersey City’s Liberty National Golf Course, which was a tremendous success. Jersey City has also played host to fabulous musicians the likes of Cold Play, Jay‐Z, and Radiohead who have graced the stage at the All Points West Music Festival held in Liberty State Park.
  • Aside from our close proximity to NYC, Philadelphia is just 87 miles away, 229 miles from Boston, and 220 miles from Washington, D.C. and only 120 miles from Atlantic City, NJ. Having so many major cities, all easily commutable will only enhance ticket sales.
  • We are in close proximity to all of the major NYC airports: Newark ‐ 10 miles, John F. Kennedy ‐ 25 miles, and LaGuardia ‐ 27 miles from Jersey City.
  • Multiple helipads in close proximity.

The Stage: Liberty State Park

View of Jersey City, NJ as seen from Liberty State ParkWith the incredible backdrop of the New York City skyline, selecting Jersey City for the 2012 Grand Prix Auto Race Circuit will not only boost ticket sales as the Grand Prix returns to the United States, but will providing striking television footage. To maximize the dramatic effect, Jersey City could possibly follow in Singapore’s footsteps by holding the finals at night. Pictured below is a generic circular circuit through Liberty State Park, which covers a distance of 3.6 miles, the area would provide the least impact to city functions, and the greatest possible space to accommodate ticket holders. As the park has 1,212 acres, with a significant portion dedicated open space, amble viewing facilities can be erected, with the potential to hold the largest spectator audience on record. There are multiple ways to carve out the interior to make the course challenging with tight turns, great straights, plenty of options to place the pit, run off zones, team facilities, media center, and of course the paddock area.

The Event:


o Daytime practice rounds to be held

o A star studded, invite only, celebrity kickoff event to be hosted at the Liberty Science Center, which offer outstanding views of both Liberty State Park and the Manhattan Skyline. This event must be underwritten by corporate sponsors.

o A musical/entertainment extravaganza held outdoors in Liberty State Park. Event production to be funded through both corporate sponsors and ticket sales. Musical heavy weights to perform to kick off the return of Formula 1 to the United States. Tickets to be sold to the public for the performance…possibly followed by fireworks.


o Qualification rounds to be held

o Formula 1 event/parties…is corporate sponsorship allows or through ticket sales.

o Outdoor auto show, paid for by participating manufacturers.


o Day or night race through Liberty State Park

Medical Centers

Jersey City has two world class medical facilities, within our borders, one which is adjacent to Liberty
State Park.

Corporate Sponsorship

Jersey City is often referred to as Wall Street West, for ability to attract a multitude of Fortune 500 companies, investment firms, as well a plethora of developers who have changed the face of our city. We can offer introductions for sponsorship packages to numerous entities with a vested interest in Jersey City’s continued Renaissance.

We may be able to attract additional sponsors through the state.

View of Jersey City, NJ as seen from Liberty State ParkJersey City needs:

o Event title must prominently feature the name “Jersey City”. 2012 United States Grand Prix ‐
Jersey City

o $1.00 added to every ticket sold to help restore the Historic Rail Shed, where nearly two‐thirds
of the twelve million immigrants who entered this country through Ellis Island traveled through
the terminal to their new homes in America.

o Guaranteed 5 year contract.

o Track design should reflect that between race use, the course will be open to the public for
walking, running, biking, and in‐line skating.

o Liberty State Park must be returned to visitor ready condition. All refuse, property damage
incurred as a result of the event be repaired by F1.

o The track may be used for other sporting events.

Jersey City will provide:

o Assistance with securing permits, public safety services, environmental protection agency, as
well as coordinating city and state efforts to make this a successful endeavor.

o Limited marketing support to promote the race.

o List of potential sponsors

o Appropriate security and personnel at the event site. Additional security may be needed by F1,
at its own expense.

o Corporate Naming Rights in exchange for assistance building the facility.

o State/City assistance in the amount of $ to help build the track.

Formula 1 is responsible for:

o Planning, developing, logistics, marketing, and all necessary preparations to effectively carry out
the event.

o Structures for media center, paddock and VIP areas, temporary meeting rooms, security control tower, pit areas, team facilities, clubs, visitor welcome center, hospitality tent, and all other necessary structures.

o Providing ample portable facilities for visitors.

o Obtaining all the necessary permits and licenses required to hold the event.

o All equipment needed to stage the race as well as staffing.

o Erecting barriers to protect both the drivers and attendees.

o Creating run off zones and gravel traps.

o Providing a place to refuel vehicles in compliance with any environmental laws.

o To offset the carbon footprint left as a result of the event, F1 agrees to plant and fully landscape a section of the track that can be enjoyed by visitors in the off season. To be fully completed by the fifth year. Track area must provide illumination for safety.

o All facilities must be handicapped compliant.

o F1 shuttle busses to circulate throughout the city…providing direct access from local hotels, and attraction to the event site.

o World marketing support.