Before yesterday's press conference on SPEED TV, we posed a question to our fans: What are your initial thoughts on adding an F1 race to the 2013 calendar in Weehawken and West New York, New Jersey?

It's an unscientific poll, but the majority of the respondents are in favor of an additional Formula One race in the United States because of the potential to grow the American fan base.

Facebook Poll via The Austin Grand Prix - October 25, 2011

Almost 100 people participated in our one-day poll and had additional feedback to share. Here are a few comments:

Bill Buchanan, in favor because: "While it might dilute the potential fan base for COTA, that it is scheduled more mid season along with the Canadian race should offset that negative to a degree. If the COTA event stays towards the end of the season there would still be interest in the championship standings . . . unless it's a runaway like this year."

Bobby Norman, in opposition because: "We should focus all attention to making Austin a premier event and build a strong US fan base that sells out the event year after year, before expanding."

Bruce Wolfe, other because: "Austin's dedicated track will outscore the temporary now and in the long will be fun to attend another F1 event in the same year without having to leave the the end, the Austin track should be viewed as the first and best if it comes down to a competition!"


You can read all the comments by clicking here.

Thank you to everyone who participated!