Recent news from the Statesman, who was able to report from Tuesday's City of Austin closed doors meeting, has shown that there is a much more complicated relationship between the City of Austin, State of Texas and the Circuit of the Americas (COTA) [article here]. 

We are avid motorsports enthusiasts and supporters of the track and related development; we applaud our friends at the Statesman for diving into the details, breaking down the information and then sharing it with the public to make sure everyone is up to speed with these intricate proceedings.

We promote a sustainable relationship with all parties.  We hope that citizens of all interests can attend today's 10:00 AM CST meeting, listen to the facts, and pass on their opinions to the Austin City Council in the Open Forum.

Our goal here at The Austin Grand Prix has always been to bridge the gap between Austin and the world-wide audience of Formula 1.  While we expect today's meeting to be positive, we encourage you to email, watch, attend and participate in the American democratic process.

If you're unable to attend, just be sure to check out this article on how to reach the city council, and send them an email with your thoughts.  The more personal and thoughtful, the better!  As always, check out the live stream of the meeting as well.

We will not be able to attend or watch today's Open Forum as we are headed to Montreal for the Canadian Grand Prix, but we'll be there in spirit and hope that you can fill the void for us and share your thoughts.


The Austin Grand Prix