Teams will be able to use the Hard (left) and Medium (right) tires by Pirelli at the 2012 USGP (images courtesy of Pirelli Media)

The exclusive tire supplier of Formula 1, Pirelli, just announced the finalized list of tire selections for the last three events of the year. For the USGP in Austin, teams will use both the Medium and Hard compound tires during the race. With so much yet unknown about the performance of Circuit of The Americas, this release from Pirelli gives added clarity to the future USGP taking place in just under 6 weeks.

The most recent grands prix that teams were offered these two selections were Monza, Italy and Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium. The selection of these two compounds suggests that Pirelli is seeing the Austin circuit as comparable to these two circuits in how they affect tire wear and grip. In terms of character, both Monza and Spa are known for their high speeds and complex turns, indicating the Hard and Medium tires are best suited to circuits of this nature.

Here's the statement by Pirelli on their selection of the tires for the rest of the season; emphasis added on description of Austin's tire options.


Pirelli announces tyre nominations for final three races

Milan, October 16, 2012 – Formula One tyre supplier Pirelli has announced the tyre nominations for the final three grands prix of the year.

In Abu Dhabi, the teams will use the P Zero White medium tyre and the P Zero Yellow soft tyre. For the all-new United States Grand Prix, Pirelli will bring the P Zero Silver hard and P Zero White medium tyre. Exactly the same nomination – hard and medium – will be used for Brazil.

The Abu Dhabi race is run in the late afternoon and evening, with falling temperatures. Although the lap takes in a wide variety of speeds and corners, the surface is quite smooth and degradation is not excessive, making medium and soft the perfect choice.

Austin will be raced on for the first time, and the simulation data established by Pirelli’s engineers over the summer has indicated that the hard and medium tyres will be best-suited to the varying demands of this track. On a new circuit, a relatively conservative choice will make sure that all possibilities are covered. During a recent visit, Pirelli’s engineers established that significant energy loads will be put through the tyres. High temperatures are also expected.

The Interlagos circuit, by contrast, is well known for being demanding on the tyres, with big elevation changes, high-speed corners and significant energy loadings going through the structure. For these reasons, the hard and medium tyres are also the best choice for the final race of the 2012 season.