Nestled in a valley between two mountain ranges lies Miller Motorsports Park, a versatile facility which supports a wide array of racing series. This weekend, MMP plays host to dual world-class racing series, AMA Pro Racing and World Superbike, held simultaneously. While the glimmer of the Indy 500 and Monaco Grand Prix are dominating the news this weekend, MMP hosts North America's two wheeled spectacle, merging the best in American and International riders and teams.

World Superbike and AMA use a  similar spec of racing machine, an extremely modified version of the bikes available to consumers for the street. This close link between the the street friendly bike and the racing spec make the sport more accessible to the fans, and the numbers don't lie. A surprising 50% of race-attendees here at MMP are bike owners. A unique characteristic of motorcycle racing, the  accessibility for fans to own a close cousin of their favorite racing machine is a perk foreign to Formula 1 and most other racing series.

A result of their close ties to production bikes for consumers, teams have a diverse set of equipment to choose from produced by the most recognized manufacturers in the world such as Ducati, Honda, BMW, Kawasaki, and Suzuki.  The most recognizable difference is the engine selection which varies between a V-Twin or an Inline-Four, each with various displacements.  While each is type is kept within close performance of the other, the sound difference between the "Twin" and "Four" is distinct, a low growl vs a high pitch whine, each with their own appeal.

These engines are plenty loud; don't assume because of their small displacement that sound is in any way muted. These bikes can sing and sing well.  Whether you favor the twin or the four you'll enjoy them speeding by at speeds most would consider ludicrous, the riders hanging over the edge as they lean and scrape their knees on each turn.  Bike racing is a different mentality and once you've had a taste, it's hard to ignore this amazing form of racing. 

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