Lewis Hamilton at Singapore GPStreet circuit with 23 corners.Night race that needs 3,180,000 watts of power to light up the tracks. Singapore Grand Prix is upon us this weekend. Let me hear you RAWR!

In many ways similar to the Monaco Grand Prix, this 61-lap race is famous for its winding street corners, so winding are these corners, in fact, that the Singapore's Marina Bay Street Circuit has some of the slowest average speed in the F1 calendar. The track (aka the streets) are lit up to the point that it is four times brighter than the lights at a football stadium. Slower speed plus brightly-lit tracks means we see the racing actions clearer than usual as the race cars hustle through the streets of Singapore with a gorgeous city skyline as backdrop.

For this track, Pirelli decided that Soft and Supersoft are the optimal tyres to use, which makes sense considering the conditions of this track. I wonder how the teams will play out their tyres strategy, one-stop may be a very tall ask on this track with the number of laps needed.

As if he needs any more luck on his side, Alonso has won twice at this track previously while Vettel and Hamilton both have won once here. Will Alonso keep up his lead in the championship or will Raikkonen surge ahead to number two spot in the championship, thus closing in the gap to Alonso? Will Hamilton be able to focus and win another top spot on the podium while his future for 2013 is still "under negotiation" with McLaren and/or Mercedes? However this may go down, I'll be glued to the monitor this weekend for the Singapore GP actions!

The race this weekend aside, are there any gamers out there who have played F1 video games? I  happened upon a Gamespot video that documented the history of F1 video games. From the hay days with little groups of pixels moving on screen to the real-life-looking simulations that makes you feel like you're on a track driving that Red Bull, it was fascinating to see the evolution of the game and hear from the passionate F1 fans behind building these games. Check out the video below.