F1 race weekends are like delicious scoops of gelato, it's never too soon to have another one. I may even be so bold as to suggest pairing delicious scoops of gelato with the Italian Grand Prix for the ultimate delightful weekend. This, of course, has nothing to do with the fact that I just made a batch of gelato today.

Hold on to you seats this weekend. We'll be going down the straights at 340 km/h at the super fast tracks at Monza. Often called "the temple of speed", Monza is the fastest circuit on the F1 calendar. In that sense, the Italian Grand Prix is like a continuation of the Belgian Grand Prix last weekend. Even the tyres available from Pirelli are the same as last weekend - Hard and Medium. Make no mistakes, these tyres will be push to the limits on this track and any miscalculations on tyres strategy will be unrecoverable.

"It’s all about the right compromise between downforce and handling. You have to be assertive under braking but all the straights and corners also mean that there are lots of good opportunities to overtake." according to Lucas di Grassi, Pirelli's test driver.

If I have to bet on a driver for the podium this weekend, it would be Alonso. With his unfortunate incident at Spa, Alonso will be determined to widen back the gap on his lead, and the enthusiasm of Italian home crowd will carry its weight as he races on in his Ferrari. Alonso has also won twice at this circuit. The odds are in his favour.

I can't wait for my gelato-filled Monza weekend. What about you? Who will you berooting for this Grand Prix?