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Lotus F1 Teams Up With Batman Film


The Lotus Formula 1 team announced today they will be working with Warner Bros Pictures to promote the Dark Knight Rises, the latest Batman film from Christopher Nolan.  The hype preceding the film's release next week in the UK is likely to gain the team some additional fans this week for the British Grand Prix at Silverstone.

The Lotus F1 team garage, helmets, and overalls will be featuring livery from the film, and a special photoshoot and press event with the film's famous vehicles, the Tumbler and Bat-Pod, will happen tomorrow on the track.  Eric Boullier, Team Principle at Lotus F1 has the following to share about the partnership:

“This season we have been the dark horses in the championship fight, so this partnership with The Dark Knight Rises is a fantastic match. Our car, the E20, looks superb with the Batman branding and we are looking forward to seeing the reaction of our numerous fans when it takes to the Silverstone circuit this weekend. We are certainly hoping for an epic conclusion for The Dark Knight Rises E20 in the Grand Prix.”

Some might see this partnership as a little odd, but it's not the first time that Formula 1 and the movie industry has partnered up.  Taking the win for my favorite pit crew uniforms ever, is the Red Bull + Star Wars promo for the 2005 Monaco GP.  Teaming up for the star studded event was a perfect combo for both the young F1 team and George Lucas' film empire (no pun intended). 

The Red Bull pit crew in Star Wars uniforms at the 2005 Monaco GP; Image from

If the photos of storm troopers in the pits didn't impress you, or even the Darth Vader as the "lollypop man," it was the whole cast and crew at the private party that made you laugh quite a bit and shake off a bit of jealously that you weren't there drinking martinis with George Lucas, David Coulthard, and Chewbacca.

This partnership announcement from Lotus is a postivie step for them as the anticipation about the film is growing tremendously, the most recent trailer has 20 million views already, and will garner them some more press coverage for this weekend's British GP. 


Fancy Another Red Bull?

Remember all the Red Bull Racing excitement that happened in Austin, Texas last month? Well here is the final product released from Red Bull earlier today.


In case you need a refresher of the roller coaster journey to get to that final product, let me recap:

Fancy a Chat with David Coulthard? Yes, Please.

The Good News: We had a great chat with David Coulthard on the streets of Austin just minutes after he jumped out of the Red Bull Racing F1 Show Car on August 20! He had fantastic things to say about his visit to Austin and also shared insight into how the F1 world, including drivers and teams, are revolutionizing communication via social media.

The Not-So-Good News: We lost our microphone and audio equipment in Montreal and the sound is horrible at some points in the conversation :(

The Redeeming News: The sound improves halfway through the interview, and we caught DC off guard at the end of the interview when having him tell y'all to COME AND RACE IT!

Red Bull Recap


Hopefully by now you've heard about the Red Bull Racing Show Car's appearances in Austin this past weekend. If not, let us show you:

 Or, take a look at our gallery, HERE.

Due to the on again/off again reports, we decided to take a walk down to the "filming set" early Saturday morning. Actually, we heard the car when we woke up in the AM. We would have loved for the event to be a full-on show car exhibition, but understand this filming was for a promo shoot, similar to this:

 About 200 people showed up for the closed set filming and I think it's safe to say that NO ONE was disappointed.

We were lucky enough to score a post-run interview with THE David Coulthard himself. We'll post it next week; right now we're working to make the return of the SENNA Movie to Austin a smashing success!

Always Have a Plan B


Sadly, this is the update that we didn't want to be writing about.

Late last night, the Austin American-Statesman posted this update on the Red Bull F1 Showcar:

Red Bull announced early today that they are not doing a public show car event in Austin this week.

“Due to feasibility, a formal Formula One show car demonstration that is open to the public will not be executed this week,” Red Bull said in a statement. “However, in an effort to bring fans up-close and personal to Formula One, the Red Bull Racing show car will be on display in front of the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum this Saturday from noon to 2 p.m.”

We don't have any further answers to the Who? What? When? Where? and Why? of it, but don't stay in bed and sob Satuday morning...

We planned an informal meetup from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM on Saturday at Doc's Motorworks on South Congress. Doc's is AWESOME! They have FANTASTIC food, great drink specials, and are located smack dab in the middle of Austin on the famed South Congress Avenue.

Come join us and connect with other motorsport fans while enjoying the legendary views of downtown Austin.

We'll also have video set up for you to share your thoughts about Austin and send a message to other motorsport fans around the world.

Oh wait, did we mention:


So, here's your plan:

Stop by the Austin Infiniti dealer today from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM to check out their "Infiniti Red Bull Racing F1 Car." They're located at 8140 Burnet Road, Austin, Texas.

Go down to the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum around noon on Saturday to see the Red Bull Racing F1 Showcar which will be on display for the public. Who knows who else could be there alongside the car...

After the museum viewing on Saturday, take the short 5 minute drive down Congress Avenue to Doc's Motorworks, located at 1123 South Congress Avenue. Get free schwag! Be on TV! Well, on the internet at least.

We've been very pleased with the response for our Facebook Event with 85 people RSVP'ing within 24 hours. It's clear y'all are very excited about Formula 1 returning to the U.S. We hope that you'll join us Saturday at Doc's Motorworks so that we can compile interview clips to express the enthusiasm and support for Formula 1 in Austin, with hopes that Red Bull hears the message and returns soon to give Austin a proper show.

Your Daily Red Bull Update

Detail of Proposed Red Bull Racing Showcar AreaMore details for you on the loudly rumored Red Bull Racing F1 Showcar and David Coulthard appearance proposed for this Saturday, August 20, in downtown Austin, Texas. (If you want to see a Red Bull car exhibition, click HERE to read our previous post.)

Here are two maps for you to plan your attendance. The street closures requested in the City of Austin Permit lists blocks 1500-1700 north on Congress Avenue and 0-211 east on 15th Street. The permit lists the 100 east block of 15th Street twice, but we believe this is a mistake, and it should be the 0-125 west block of 15th Street and 0-211 east blocks of 15th Street (technicality).

As the Statesman reported yesterday, the requested permit time is from 7:00 AM - 12:00 PM. A knowledgable F1 source believes the exhibition will not occur until around 10:00 AM. It could take anywhere from 2-3 hours to set up the showcar, pit, filming and safety equipment, and secure the safety and related inspections. They will probably do a few laps and pit stops during filming, as well as media opportunities (still photos, interviews). That brings us to about 11:00 AM, when everything will have to be deconstructed and the permit area cleaned up by noon.

As of 1:16 PM today, the Permit filed with the City of Austin is still listed as "Pending."

We will continue to deliver the latest breaking updates for you as they become available.

Here are some planning tips for you:

  • In the maps, the red streets are the proposed showcar streets to be blocked off for the event. The grey streets are Austin's major streets to get you to the event.
  • Parking meters are not effective on weekends (this means they are FREE!). Therefore, watch for metered street parking, or there are paid parking garages - but we make no guarantees that they will be open on Saturday morning.
  • BRING EARPLUGS! I don't care how macho you are; you will be begging for them!
  • This should be no surprise to you: Saturday's forecast is projected to be sunny with a high of 103' F and low of 76' F. But you're in luck: at 10:00 AM it's usually about 85' F. Dress accordingly.
  • Bring water! But hopefully there will be Red Bull for you to drink as well.
  • Bring cash. Austin has over 4,000 food trucks. Someone get the word out and start inviting food trucks to the area (breakfast tacos anyone??).
  • Do you want to book a hotel close to the Capitol and proposed Showcar space? CLICK HERE!

Overview of Proposed Red Bull Racing Showcar Route & Surrounding Area in Austin, Texas

And finally, we went out to the Capitol and proposed Showcar area last night and shot this video for you. Keep in mind, the Showcar DOES NOT have permission from the State of Texas to take the Red Bull Racing F1 Showcar on Capitol grounds, but we love our Capitol and wanted to share it with you.

Trivia question: What makes the Texas Capitol more like the United States Capitol when compared to all other US states? Take a stab at it and we'll give you some free COME AND RACE IT™ gear!

Our lawyers made us write this: *We make no guarantees or assurances to the vailidity of planned events and are not responsible for cancellation or changes to revised event dates. Details provided for informational purposes only and no warranties are made or implied.