The Good News: We had a great chat with David Coulthard on the streets of Austin just minutes after he jumped out of the Red Bull Racing F1 Show Car on August 20! He had fantastic things to say about his visit to Austin and also shared insight into how the F1 world, including drivers and teams, are revolutionizing communication via social media.

The Not-So-Good News: We lost our microphone and audio equipment in Montreal and the sound is horrible at some points in the conversation :(

The Redeeming News: The sound improves halfway through the interview, and we caught DC off guard at the end of the interview when having him tell y'all to COME AND RACE IT!

More good news: We found the mic equipment late last night and will not make the same mistake again!

Rodrigo Sanchez & former Formula 1 driver David Coulthard at the F1 Red Bull event in Austin Tx. (Photo by Callie Richmond Photography)

Many thanks to David Coulthard for taking the time to chat with us, and to our friend, USF2000 driver Rodrigo Sanchez, for his help in this interview.

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