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British Grand Prix - Race Summary

A big congratulations to Mark Webber for his victory at Silverstone this weekend.  This was an exciting race and filled with a bit of controversy as well.

Even before the race some big news was the new front wing from Red Bull.  With just one version of the wing, Christian Horner, race director for Red Bull, said they had to choose one of the drivers to give it to and decided on Sebastian Vettel since he was on pole position.  However in just the early few corners of the first lap, he went off the curb and punctured his tire, forcing him to pit and fall back on the grid.

Webber continued on to win the race and had a substaintial lead on second place with Lewis Hamilton of McLaren Mercedes and in third place, Nico Rosberg of Mercedes GP.  This was Nico's third podium finish of the year and with it, moving up in the points to just eight shy of surpassing Fernando Alonso of Ferrari.

Both of the Ferrari cars placed 14th and 15th at the end of the race, earning no constructor or driver championship points for Ferrari.  This has been a rough season for Ferrari overall and begs the question, exactly what is happening at Ferrari?

We are looking forward to the next race in Germany the weekend of the 21st to 23rd of July.  This will be broadcasted on FOX at noon eastern time, so tune in!

See the Formula 1 Roundtable Discussion at Speed TV for some clips and discussion with the Speed TV commentators


Canadian Grand Prix - Race Summary

A very interesting race for us last weekend!  The key to the race was tire choice, something that is a new factor to many racing fans not adversed in F1.  Due to the temperature, one of the hottest of the year so far, and the new rules this year that require one lap on each set of two tire types, the strategy helped determine the outcome of the race.  Tire wear because of the heat was a large problem and helped contribute to rapid wear of the tires, causing many teams to have to pit earlier and more often than necessary.

Lewis Hamilton made the right choice and thanks to his strategy, won the race with his teamate from McLaren, Jenson Button, right behind him.  Visit SPEED TV to catch a video recap with the Speed TV commentators and a comprehensive discussion of each team and their performace in the race.

Will tires be a big problem in Valencia, Spain for the European Grand Prix?  Bridgestone has adjusted it's strategy to aid in the process and says that it won't be a problem...your thoughts?



Speed TV Interview with Tavo Hellmund

The Speed Channel ( also available on cable & satellite TV), primary media carrier and "voice" of F1 in the U.S., conducted a phone interview with  U.S. Grand Prix promoter Tavo Hellmund of Full Throttle Productions, LP.  Click on this link to view and listen to the phone interview:

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