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Season Swan-Song: Brazilian GP Preview

Reaching the end of something, especially when it has been something of particular note, can often be a sad affair. While it will have great importance to some people, due to location, timing, levels of expectation, or quality of delivery, a degree of finality will still exist and it will engender a period of reflection, during which most of the best aspects will be recalled in glorious Technicolor, invariably with an aim of erecting spiritually, if not physically, a memorial to all that was great.

Pirelli Chooses Tires for USGP


The 2012 F1 USGP will see the Hard (left) and Medium (right) tires by Pirelli

The exclusive tire supplier of Formula 1, Pirelli, just announced the finalized list of tire selections for the last three events of the year. For the USGP in Austin, teams will use both the Medium and Hard compound tires during the race. With so much yet unknown about the performance of Circuit of The Americas, this release from Pirelli gives added clarity to the future USGP in just under 6 weeks.