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Taking It To The Airwaves

Last week we had the pleasure of joining Alex Franco, a.k.a Digitz from the Mix 94.7 JB & Sandy morning show, to talk about Formula 1 and Austin on "3 Guys Sports Show."

// Listen to the show here


The 3 Guys Sports Show airs at 10:00AM Sunday mornings on Austin's 96.3 FM & 1370 AM. Our UK friend Liam gave us the heads up that fellow overseas listeners could tune in via KJCE 1370 on the TuneIn Radio app (Cheers!). The show is hosted by Alex, Brandon Wark (Iowa Hawkeye Superfan) & Chris Sanchez (Pride of Westwood High) and their goal is to recap the week in sports with the heart, passion and views of the everyday sports fan and share them on their show.

We met Alex back in August 2011 at the Austin Infiniti dealership (he's their Radio Spokesperson) when the Red Bull Racing demo car arrived in Austin. While a decent-sized group waited at the dealership, curious Austinites tweeted reports of the 2005 RB1 chassis (with the Cosworth V10 and the 2009 aero package) travelling down Austin's main highway - MoPac - and shocking many Austinites! Since then, we've run into Alex on the F1 social scene as he is another Austinite excited and informed about F1's arrival this November.

Alex had a very cool Red Bull Racing jacket (see pic below). He shared an insider tip that we think is genius: he ordered F1 merchandise from Red Bull Racing via Milton Keynes but his order took almost a month to arrive. He gave up and decided to check out the Infiniti USA website, which is where he ended up ordering his RBR jacket from; it arrived much quicker, cheaper and in better condition by ordering via Infiniti USA. Here's the Infiniti page for ordering official Red Bull Racing merchandise.

Be sure to check out the 3 Guys Sports Show via their website, Facebook page or follow them on Twitter

Alex Franco, aka "Digitz," sporting his Red Bull Racing jacket after recording with Kerri and Kevin for 3 Guys Sports Show on Talk Radio 1370

Fancy Another Red Bull?

Remember all the Red Bull Racing excitement that happened in Austin, Texas last month? Well here is the final product released from Red Bull earlier today.


In case you need a refresher of the roller coaster journey to get to that final product, let me recap:

Fancy a Chat with David Coulthard? Yes, Please.

The Good News: We had a great chat with David Coulthard on the streets of Austin just minutes after he jumped out of the Red Bull Racing F1 Show Car on August 20! He had fantastic things to say about his visit to Austin and also shared insight into how the F1 world, including drivers and teams, are revolutionizing communication via social media.

The Not-So-Good News: We lost our microphone and audio equipment in Montreal and the sound is horrible at some points in the conversation :(

The Redeeming News: The sound improves halfway through the interview, and we caught DC off guard at the end of the interview when having him tell y'all to COME AND RACE IT!

Red Bull Recap


Hopefully by now you've heard about the Red Bull Racing Show Car's appearances in Austin this past weekend. If not, let us show you:

 Or, take a look at our gallery, HERE.

Due to the on again/off again reports, we decided to take a walk down to the "filming set" early Saturday morning. Actually, we heard the car when we woke up in the AM. We would have loved for the event to be a full-on show car exhibition, but understand this filming was for a promo shoot, similar to this:

 About 200 people showed up for the closed set filming and I think it's safe to say that NO ONE was disappointed.

We were lucky enough to score a post-run interview with THE David Coulthard himself. We'll post it next week; right now we're working to make the return of the SENNA Movie to Austin a smashing success!