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Today's City Council Meeting - #MAKEITHAPPEN

The Austin City Council meeting has started. The chamber is at 100% capacity.

Austin City Council Chamber, June 23, 2011

Watch it LIVE here:

In the event that we crash their live webcast AGAIN, try the live radio feed here:

The complete Agenda:

Our F1 items

Item #20:

Item #21:

Item #101:

There are 136 items on today's agenda. We will continue to update you throughout the day. The most up-to-date news will be shared in 140 characters via our twitter stream:

THANK YOU everyone for your amazing support. MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Call To Action: Supporting Austin, Texas and COTA

Recent news from the Statesman, who was able to report from Tuesday's City of Austin closed doors meeting, has shown that there is a much more complicated relationship between the City of Austin, State of Texas and the Circuit of the Americas (COTA) [article here]. 

We are avid motorsports enthusiasts and supporters of the track and related development; we applaud our friends at the Statesman for diving into the details, breaking down the information and then sharing it with the public to make sure everyone is up to speed with these intricate proceedings.

We promote a sustainable relationship with all parties.  We hope that citizens of all interests can attend today's 10:00 AM CST meeting, listen to the facts, and pass on their opinions to the Austin City Council in the Open Forum.

Our goal here at The Austin Grand Prix has always been to bridge the gap between Austin and the world-wide audience of Formula 1.  While we expect today's meeting to be positive, we encourage you to email, watch, attend and participate in the American democratic process.

If you're unable to attend, just be sure to check out this article on how to reach the city council, and send them an email with your thoughts.  The more personal and thoughtful, the better!  As always, check out the live stream of the meeting as well.

We will not be able to attend or watch today's Open Forum as we are headed to Montreal for the Canadian Grand Prix, but we'll be there in spirit and hope that you can fill the void for us and share your thoughts.


The Austin Grand Prix


Call to Action! - Support Formula 1 in Austin Zoning and Platting Commision Meeting

Loyal Formula 1 fans and Austin Grand Prix readers, we need your support for the Formula 1 United States Grand PrixTM in the next meeting with the City of Austin!  On Tuesday, November 16th, there will be a meeting for the Zoning and Platting Commission to discuss proposed changes necessary for the event.  

We need anyone and everyone to do two things to help this happen:

1. Email the Zoning and Platting Commission members at **Email address updated 11/16/10


Below is a draft email that you may use. Feel free to edit as you see fit.


Dear Zoning and Platting Commissioners: 

 As a strong advocate for bringing Formula 1 racing to Austin, Texas, I urge you to approve item #4 on the agenda for November 16, the cut and fill variance along with the slope variance for the United States Grand Prix site. City staff and the Environmental Board have recommended these two variances for the project.  And the variance requests are consistent with past requests made throughout Austin.  In addition, this project will serve as a catalyst in the City of Austin’s Desired Development Zone that has long been needed.

 Supporting these variances will bring this project a step further to becoming a reality. I am eager for the arrival of Formula 1 in Austin, Texas, and urge you to support these matters.


 Supporter of the Formula 1 United States Grand PrixTM in Austin, Texas


2. Attending the ZAP Commission meeting Tuesday, November 16 at 6:00pm.  The meeting will be held in the Council Chambers at City Hall, 301 W. 2nd Street.   Please plan to arrive by 5:45 in order to sign up in favor of item #4. You may also sign up to speak in favor at this time. Garage parking tickets can be validated inside City Hall.


Politics is fun, right?  We are hoping for a big turnout and lots of supporters willing to talk about the future facilities and the positive impact felt by having this event in Austin.  Don't forget, wear your Come And Race ItTM shirt to the meeting as well and show your support to everyone!



The Austin Grand Prix - Water & Wastewater Meeting Today - Please Email Your Support! (They're Listening)

Please join the "Friends of Formula 1 Austin Texas" group on LinkedIn, which is located here.  Here is the latest post regarding the Water and Wastewater Commission meeting today:


LinkedIn Groups

  • Group: Friends of Formula 1 Austin Texas

The Formula 1 folks will be attending a Meeting tomorrow and we need to send a message to the Water and Wastewater Commission requesting approval for the project.
Please cut / paste / modify to your liking, the below message and email to the... following addresses and sign your name after the "Thank you" line.

The Water and Wastewater Commission are voting on an item related to wastewater services at the Formula 1 site at their meeting tomorrow, November 10. We would really appreciate if you show your support via email. Thanks again for all of your help and support!

Email addresses:

To Water and Wastewater Commissioners,

As a strong advocate for bringing Formula 1 racing to Austin, Texas, I encourage you to support item #15 which would provide wastewater services for the Formula 1 United States Grand Prix and the surrounding community. Improvements to wastewater service in this part of the City’s extra-territorial jurisdiction are much needed and well-deserved. The Formula 1 project is the catalyst we need to spur infrastructure improvements in the City’s desired development zone, and supporting this item on today’s agenda will bring this project a step further to becoming a reality.

Thank you,

Supporter of the Formula 1 United States Grand PrixTM in Austin, Texas