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Driver Autograph Sessions at USGP

Paul di Resta (L) and Nico Hulkenberg (C) sign autographs for Formula 1 fans (Image courtesy of Sahara Force India)

Driver Autograph Sessions have been published and are listed below. We also included the teams' Twitter handles as we've found that can provide the most current information. As with all scheduling, the following timetable is tentative and subject to change. Be sure to check for updates while at Circuit of The Americas.

// Friday

11:30-11:50AM: Sauber F1 Team // @OfficialSF1Team

11:50-12:10PM: Lotus F1 Team // @Lotus_F1Team

3:30-3:55PM: HRT F1 Team // @HRTF1Team

4:45-5:00PM: Marussia F1 Team // @Marussia_F1Team

5:00-5:30PM: Esteban Gutierrez (Sauber F1 Team Test Driver) // @EstebanRacing

// Saturday

2:15-2:30PM: Red Bull Racing // @RedBullRacing

2:50-3:10PM: Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team // @MercedesAMGF1

3:10-3:30PM: Scuderia Toro Rosso // @ToroRossoSpy

3:30-3:50PM: Vodafone McLaren Mercedes // @TheFifthDriver

4:00-4:20PM: Caterham F1 Team // @MyCaterhamF1

4:40-5:00PM: Scuderia Ferrari // @InsideFerrari

// Sunday

9:10-9:30AM: Sahara Force India F1 Team // @ClubForce

10:10-10:30AM: Williams F1 Team // @WilliamsF1Team


Damon Hill and Sir Jackie Stewart. Portrait. Photo: Glenn Dunbar/LAT Photographic

It is every human being’s right to an opinion, states Iain Robertson, but, if your name is Damon and you are a former F1 World Champion, as well as being the son of Graham Hill, a twice former Champion, expressing it may create a backlash.

Tifosi, Tragedy & Triumph: The Emotions of Formula 1

Michael Schumacher sits quietly in the Mercedes GP garage before the 2012 Spanish Grand Prix. Photo © Mercedes GP As Henry Sanders, of Sports Illustrated (Dec 26th 1955), stated so appositely, “Sure, winning isn’t everything. It’s the only thing!”, the pursuit of sporting perfection remains a pinnacle achievement for a surprising few. Yet, the support granted to it is prodigious. Worldwide Television audiences regularly top the hundreds of millions. Magazine and periodical coverage amounts to many hundreds of thousands of miles worth of column inches. However, transmitted by word of mouth, from one attending supporter to another, a crescendo builds and fanaticism grows on its back.

Michael Schumacher likes new race in Austin!

Michael Schumacher - Enthusiastic about new race in Austin

"Certainly, it’s one of the beautiful places around the world to go to and enjoy some good times, lots of great opportunities." said Schumacher. "For me, naturally, I love to go and race there as it allows me to spend some days before the race to hang out there and enjoy it. But more important for most of the manufacturers that are involved in Formula One, America is a very important market. If you think of how many countries like Brazil, Argentina, all those countries in South America, how many we had of those guys at Indy, then we should have even more, because logistically it’s easier to go to Texas than all the way up to Indy. Hopefully, that’s the case because one of the points that we have been missing is the sort of excitement that Formula One can create and can give to the fans that are in America."


F1 Needs American Driver

ESPN has just posted a new article about the F1 Drivers' thoughts on the new Grand Prix as well as the concerns regarding the need for an American F1 Driver.  This has been an obstacle in the past and we agree that an American F1 driver would perpetuate passion for Formula 1 racing in America.  Since BMW closed the US side of it's Formula BMW junior racing league, young drivers have had a tough time moving up from Karting to Formula 3000, F1's baby brother.  Scott Speed was the last American driver in F1 up until 2007 and there's been a need for a new American driver ever since.

ESPN - Drivers Welcome Return of F1 to U.S.

Who could take over as the new American F1 Star?  What driver stands out to you?  Post a comment and let us know!