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Human Power Takes on COTA

Participants take off towards Turn 1 through the fog at COTA's first event, Formula Run

// Formula Run

Early Saturday morning amidst a thick fog and heavy traffic, the first official race to be held at Circuit of The Americas was nearing start. Organized by RunTex founder Paul Carozza and the RunTex Foundation, the Formula Run event drew about five thousand avid runners and race enthusiasts to COTA.

The participants, a mix of Austin's running-regulars and race fans, all lined up on the starting grid, ready to complete a lap of the 3.4 mile circuit. As traffic delays caused many to arrive later than expected, Chairman Bobby Epstein and RunTex founder Paul Carozza welcomed participants to the track. Echoing the visions of COTA from early on, Epstein declared his praise that such an event was the first to be held at the circuit, solidify its partnership as a venue for all types of events, motor-powered and human powered.

AGP Becomes Official Supporter of Meals on Wheels and More

AGP Becomes Official Supporter of Meals on Wheels and More

Today we announced an agreement to be an official supporter of Meals on Wheels and More of Central Texas (MOWAM). This 40-year old Austin non-profit operates about twelve varying service programs, with Meals on Wheels volunteers delivering daily nutritious meals to over 5,000 homebound individuals in Central Texas. MOWAM meal deliveries help elderly and disabled homebound individuals live an independent life while saving an average of $35,510 of state spending by keeping them at home and out of assisted living.

In 2011, MOWAM prepared 967,495 meals, placed 10,274 care calls, made 5,224 trips to the grocery store, made 786 home safety improvements and repairs, and provided 4,458 bags of groceries to those most in need. These services provide thousands of individuals in Central Texas with the support they need to live independently.

As a weekly delivery volunteer since 2007, I'm amazed that in less than the time it takes for a conventional lunch break, we can make a difference in clients’ lives by delivering a hot, nutritional meal and a smile. It really is that easy and fast!

Since 2010, we've been brainstorming ways to partner with MOWAM. We wanted to work with a reputable organization that benefits many Austinites immediately and effectively. When we were honored as #1 in Austin for Social Media by the Austin American-Statesman, we immediately saw a greater need to use our skills for social good. Earlier this year while volunteering, I snapped a photo of my insulated MOWAM delivery bag. I posted the photo to our Instagram account with the tagline: “For every “Like” on this photo by midnight, May 31, 2012, The Austin Grand Prix will donate $1 to Meals on Wheels and More of Central Texas.” The social giving initiative resulted in 14 likes, which doesn’t sound like much, but it is enough to provide 6 meals to those who need it.

On October 1, we shared another MOWAM photo on Instagram but also sent it out to our 7,000+ followers on Twitter. The idea was for AGP to donate $1 for every Retweet of the message or “Like” on the Instagram photo, up to $100. Within 24 hours the message had been Retweeted 150 times. To date, the message has been shared 300 times and been “Favorited” by 7 followers. On Monday, we donated the $100 check to MOWAM.

We will continue to lead social media giving initiatives for MOWAM that make it easy for members of the motorsports community to donate with the click of a button. Thad Rosenfeld, Director of Communications for MOWAM, had this to say:

Meals on Wheels and More is excited to be associated with The Austin Grand Prix, a locally owned and operated business that truly cares about the Central Texas community it serves.

// Please click here to learn how you can volunteer with MOWAM. If you have any creative giving suggestions, send us a message

MOWAM donation 2.jpg

Thad Rosenfeld, Director of Communications for Meals on Wheels and More, accepts a donation from Kerri Olsen on behalf of The Austin Grand Prix

Timo Glock Talks About Cool F1 Jobs

A shot of the Marussia F1 Team Pit/Paddock area at the 2012 Singapore Grand Prix. Image Courtesy of

Does this look like a pretty good seat to you? It's the Marussia F1 Team Pit/Paddock area at the 2012 Singapore Grand Prix and if you win the "Social Media Driver" contest that Marussia and are putting on, you could be taking a similar picture at the Formula 1 United States Grand Prix in Austin this November. 

Marussia F1 Team is looking for a social media expert to join them for the Austin GP weekend and conduct interviews, capture on track photography, attend exclusive off-track events and Tweet about the whole experience. Just go HERE to read the rules and enter.

But maybe you're interested in more than a weekend gig? How many of us have wondered what it takes to join an F1 team? Aside from highly-coveted role of driver, what opportunities exist in the world of F1? Enjoy this in-depth interview with Marussia F1 Team driver, Timo Glock, as he offers valuable insight into the working side of Formula 1. Timo also reminds you to enter the "Social Media Driver" contest by 10:59 PM CST today, October 10, 2012. If you've already entered the contest, be sure to post an original Tweet that includes the hashtag #SMDriver to complete your entry!

Thank you Timo for sharing this valuable insight and information with our fans. See you in November!

Timo Glock of Marussia F1 Team Talks F1 Jobs from The Austin Grand Prix on Vimeo.



Join Us for a Free Motorsports Networking Event

Star Bar - 600 W. 6th Street, Austin, TX 78701

Join The Austin Grand Prix at Star Bar on Thursday, September 20 to experience the grand prix lifestyle and learn about Formula 1™. Enjoy an evening of networking and education at one of Austin's most stylish venues on West 6th Street as DNA Events transforms Star Bar with high-speed hospitality, with light bites provided by How Do You Roll? Sushi.

We will present an informational piece on what you need to know about F1 so that you'll be ready to watch the Singapore Grand Prix on SPEED TV on Sunday, September 23. 

Austin-based US Star Events and TicketCity will be on hand to showcase Paddock Club and VIP Experiences and Grandstand and General Admission ticket options.




Whether you are just learning about F1 or a long time racing fan, this will be a great opportunity to meet others in anticipation of the United States Grand Prix in Austin this November!

Event partners: US Star EventsTicketCityDNA EventsStar BarPremiere Party CentralComplete MusicHow Do You Roll?

If you would like more information or have questions, email Events[at]

Ron Howard To Visit Austin For Evening Event

Daniel Bruhl as F1 driver Niki Lauda, speaking with Ron Howard on the set of "Rush." Image courtesy of

I was trying to come up with some sort of too clever by half analogy to compare the post-production of a film with any aspect of racing. The off-season, as teams analyze the gigflooziebytes of data collected over the just-ended season in order to decipher the alchemical formula of God's own chariot for the too rapidly approaching new season? But not really, since all we've seen of the film are a few random photos taken by a casual fan, vertical orientation, on a five-year old Blackberry with a thumbprint on the lens. No, this just isn't possible. There's absolutely no correlation between making a movie and racing a car.

Except when the movie is Ron Howard's Rush, which we've talked about previously, and rather breathlessly at that. It's due to hit theaters in almost exactly one year (and if I might add a personal note, I hope the Alamo Drafthouse pulls out all the stops for some sort of period specific themed bash, as they tend to do so well, hint hint). Lauda versus Hunt. McLarens and Ferraris and six-wheeled Tyrrells and John Player liveried Loti. God I can't wait. Seriously. Let's just drop any journalistic pretense and admit it - I'm going to have friggin' goosbumps all day leading up to the moments the lights go down. I'm as excited about this movie as I was for Star Wars Episode I. Before I actually saw it, obviously.

We're big fans of Ron Howard. By we, I mean the human race. We think his films are almost always walking the fine line that Spielberg so masterfully penciled in, somewhere between fluff and art. I mean that in the best possible way. I mean, his movies do what movies ought to do. They entertain, then they stick with you, and days later you're pondering one short scene or a bit of dialogue, and realizing how clever it truly was. And then you want to see it again.

So for a mere $55, on Thursday, November 1 you will have the opportunity to hear the man himself, and see some exclusive footage from Rush, and maybe even meet him, if you're charming and persuasive enough. It's called The Starting Grid, and it's a special kickoff luncheon at the Downtown Hilton for the 2012 United States Grand Prix here in Austin. For ticket information, visit the official page of the event here. Individual, VIP and group sales are all available. Other speakers include Circuit of the Americas founding partners Red McCombs and Bobby Epstein, as well as Texas Governor Rick Perry and Austin Mayor Lee Leffingwell. Proceeds will benefit the Seton Breast Cancer Center and Dell Children's Blood & Cancer Center. So even of you don't get to tell Ron how you think Cinderella Man was an under appreciated work that captures the zeitgeist of the early-oughts, or what have you, you still get to bask in some serious Formula 1 sunshine for a couple of hours and help out a pair of worthy causes.

Oh, before I sure to follow Ron on Twitter - @RealRonHoward. Rush is scheduled to premiere on September 20, 2013. Just in time for Oscar season. Fingers crossed. 

From Russia With Love: SBK

SBK at Miller Motorsports Park in Utah - May, 2012

World Superbike Championship (SBK) follows World Series by Renault (WSR) as the second international racing event to be held at Moscow Raceway. The newest addition to the international motorsports venue collection, Moscow Raceway will play host to numerous national and international events such as German DTM, FIA GT1, WSR, and SBK. 

The new circuit opened in July this year and welcomed WSR as its first event. American driver Alexander Rossi took to the track and finished P11 in Race 1 and P5 in Race 2, a solid position for the first event held on the new circuit.

Today's SBK race is the first two-wheeled event to be held at the circuit and should be exciting. New circuits have a constantly evolving track surface which makes controlling the bikes a more delicate strategy than a seasoned track. You'll want to tune in to SPEED TV and watch Race 1 at 3pm CDT and Race 2 at 4pm CDT to witness it firsthand. Though the event has concluded, there's no spoilers here. I'm avoiding the internet until I can watch this race and see how the bikes do on this new circuit.

Be sure to keep an eye out for the fan attendance at the race as well. Russia is beefing up it's motorsports collection to increase its global appeal. In addition to this new Moscow Raceway, the 2014 Olympics Winter Games' Olympic Park Circuit is under construction, and both are working to appeal to the international crowd. Bernie Ecclestone signed a seven year contract to host Formula 1 in Sochi beginning in 2014, so the F1 world is keeping an eye on Russia to see if they're falling in love with international motorsports.