With the arrival of the SENNA film at the SXSW Film Festival in March this year, motorsports fans and film buffs have shared a collective passion for the first time in many years.  Striking the chord of emotion, competition and passion, the SENNA film has reached an wider audience in the U.S. than the film's team ever imagined.

We experienced this reaction first hand but it has been a tough several months as we have awaited the return of SENNA to Austin, the future home of Formula One in the U.S.  We hoped to be able to share SENNA in any way possible with as many Austin and non-Austin residents as they came to see it for their first time.

While we couldn't possibly pay to send everyone to see SENNA, we are able to show you our interviews taken before and after the film.  We hope that you enjoy this compilation and that it inspires you to visit your local theater, such as Violet Crown Cinema in Downtown Austin, or pass this message along to your friends and drag them along with you.

Kerri and I are confident that this film will relate to any viewer, young or old, motorsports fan or not, this is just a superb film that can't be missed.  We've enjoyed doing what we can to support SENNA but now it's your turn, spread the word and tell your friends, share it on facebook and tweet it.  I have yet to meet anyone that had anything but great things to say about the film, seriously.